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The game has a lot of resources to manage but everything boils down to three core resources: coins (money), EXP drinks, and training books. In our Daily Challenge guide, we will discuss what are the different Daily Challenges you’ll encounter and why it is recommended to do them.

One Punch Man - The Strongest is the mobile game adaptation of the popular shonen manga and anime series that centers around the titular One Punch Man. Players can’t play as Saitama himself but they’ll be able to recruit various heroes, villains, and more to form a powerful team they can use to clear the various game content.

The Daily Challenge has three types: EXP, Coin and Training. Each category has the same boss, whose strength is determined by the level and difficulty. As your team grows stronger, you’ll be able to tackle the harder variations of the bosses and move through the challenge stages, increasing the quality and quantity of your rewards. Since these are daily rewards, the amount of chances (including the free chance for watching ads) are reset as part of the game’s scheduled daily content reset.

Take note that you don’t have to clear a difficulty in order to get rewards; even if you lose, you’ll still earn the rewards intended for that difficulty/level. However, as long as you don’t clear that difficulty, you won’t be able to move forward with the higher levels and difficulty (and thus preventing you from getting better rewards). You’ll see your best progress on a difficulty as well so if you’re around 90%, that means your team is almost powerful enough to clear that stage. You can use the Quick Deploy function to automatically select the best characters that you currently have to face the challenge bosses. It’s best to do this before starting a challenge, especially if you have improved a lot of characters. This will ensure that you have the updated lineup to face these bosses.

The amount and quality of EXP items you’ll get will depend on the level category and difficulty you’ve tackled. Battles can also be skipped after finishing (not clearing) it for the first time. After completely defeating the boss in the current level, you can use the Sweep function to skip the entire fight and obtain the rewards without entering the fight. You have two chances by default but you can get another free chance by watching an AD for 25-30 seconds. (The chances are used up when using the Sweep function) . Once you have used the free chances, you can use Tokens (one type of token for each category) to gain a chance once again. You can only keep up to five pieces of these tokens per category.

Daily Challenge Guide

EXP Challenge

This challenge is a great source of EXP items since it can scale to your team’s overall power. The challenge has four level categories (LV26, LV39, LV46, and LV56), with three difficulties each (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced). You’ll be fighting Dr. Genus and his clones. You’re also restricted in using Hero-type characters only so it’s recommended to have a reliable 6-man hero team for this challenge.

Daily Challenge Guide

Coin Challenge

Similar to the EXP challenge, this challenge also has four categories (LV35, LV43, LV50, and LV60) and three difficulties (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced). This is the most reliable way of earning coins in the game. For this challenge, all characters except Heroes and Martial Artists are allowed. This will require a different set of characters, mostly villains so you might need to build several villain characters to have a reliable villain team, specifically for this challenge.

Daily Challenge Guide

Training Challenge

This challenge has four levels (LV40, LV45, LV55, and LV65) with three difficulties as well (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced). This is quite similar to the EXP challenge as well since you’re not allowed to use characters belonging to the Monster and Outlaw factions. This challenge will award you with various class Notes (Grappler, Hi-tech, Esper, and Duelist) that you can use in Home Training.

Daily Challenge Guide

That concludes our Daily Challenge Guide in One Punch Man - The Strongest. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more One Punch Man - The Strongest content!

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