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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an MMOPRG where players take control of a character they chose and explore the beautiful and vibrant world as imagined by Studio Ghibli and Level 5. Familiars come in all shapes and sizes, with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Familiars are an integral part of your adventure, providing buffs to your character, and aiding you in battle. In our Familiar Training guide we will discuss the various ways of managing and improving your familiars.

While managing your familiars, you’ll be using these features often. Early on, it’s okay to raise 3-star familiars as your main deployed familiars. Eventually, you’ll be able to collect 4-star familiars which are worth investing even further. To access the various training options for your familiar, access the option by tapping the menu in the top-right corner of the screen, select Familiar from the list of icons to the left, then tap Train.

Familiar Training

Level Up

You can level up familiars by feeding them fodder familiars and paying the required amount of gold. Aside from normal familiars, there are dedicated material familiars called Beans. Their purpose is to be used as fodder so don’t hesitate to use them whenever you can; otherwise, they’ll just eat up the space. Beans can be obtained from several sources but the most common sources are:

* Familiar’s Cradle

* Labyrinth of Dreams

* Kingdom Store

* Reputation Reward

* Conquest missions

* Fuse Pot/ Lucky Pot

Familiar Training

While you can use any type of familiar, it’s recommended to use familiars and beans of the same element as the selected familiar. That way, you’ll gain bonus EXP for every familiar use. A familiar can only be leveled up until LV30. You can break the level cap by Evolving the familiar, which we will discuss even further below.

Evolve Familiar

Evolution upgrades the familiar’s stars or grade, permanently increasing all of its stats. Once a familiar has evolved, its level will reset back to zero in the new grade. Don’t get discouraged by this level reset; if you compare the same familiar with its lower-grade version, the stat difference between them at LV1 will have an exceedingly large gap. Not only that, evolution also allows you to level up the familiar even further until you hit the cap and repeat the process again. Aside from the stat increase, evolving also unlocks new toy slots for the familiar.

Familiar Training

To evolve a familiar, you’ll need the following. (Take note that these requirements are based on evolving a 4-star familiar. The gold cost and materials will probably be lower when evolving lower-grade familiars.)

* Gold

* Evolution Fruit (should match the familiar’s elemental attribute)

* Territe (premium currency)

You can collect Evolution Fruits from Familiars’ Cradle, purchased from Shops or Traveling merchants. On the other hand, territe can only be farmed in Chaos Fields. Please refer to our dedicated section for more information about that dungeon.

Enhance Familiar

Enhancement is a method of giving jelly treats to your familiar to permanently increase their stats. For every jelly you give, the familiar gains a +1 marker. You can even give multiple jellies at once! On top of the jellies, you also need to spend Territe and gold to complete the enhancement process.

Familiar Training

Jellies come in three variants:

* Stretchy Jelly: Boosts ATK

* Tough Jelly: Boosts DEF

* Fluffy Jelly: Boosts HP.

Jellies can be obtained from the following sources:

* Shops and Traveling merchants

* Releasing familiars

* Fuse Pot, Lucky Pot

* Filling the Familiar Codex

* Purchase from the Kingdom General Store

* Obtained as quest rewards.

Enhancement Absorb

This option allows you to transfer the enhancements of one familiar to another. Take note that this process is very picky when it comes to what enhanced familiars are eligible for transferring and absorbing enhancements. Some of the major factors considered are the familiars’ grades, enhancement levels, and more.

Familiar Training

First, select the familiar that will receive the enhancements. Next, select the familiar where you’ll get the enhancements from. It’s very important to remember that the familiar that will give up its enhancements will disappear permanently so be very careful and very sure of your selection. Once you’re ready, pay the required amount of gold to complete the process.


In this option, you can use the same copies of your familiar as Awakening materials to permanently increase the selected familiar’s stats. This stat increase is separate from Enhancements and Evolutions. Familiars also retain their awakening level even after you evolve them. Furthermore, this is a great way to manage your familiars by using extra copies as fodder.

Familiar Training

For this process, you’ll only need gold - but a LOT of them. The amount required will increase for every awakening level. That’s why it’s a good idea to just focus on Awakening your main familiars. Since copies are required, awakening 4-star familiars are incredibly hard since they have a lower appearance rate in gacha. 3-star familiars are ideal selections for multiple awakenings, thanks to being a bit easier to obtain.

The same goes with the copies that you’ll use. At awakening LV0, your success rate by using one copy is 100%. However, as the awakening level increases, you’ll have to use more copies to reach 100%. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from attempting awakening at lower chances but remember that if an awakening attempt fails, you’ll also lose ALL selected copies and the gold spent.

Familiars can’t be selected as awakening materials if they are:

* Gathering in Familiar Adventure

* Equipped to another character class

* Registered in the character’s deck

* Locked

* Set in the Familiar Arena Deck

That concludes our Familiar Training Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. For more Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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