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Farm Management

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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an MMOPRG where players take control of a character they chose and explore the beautiful and vibrant world as imagined by Studio Ghibli and Level 5. The Familiar Forest is a safe haven where all familiars that you have acquired will hang out. You can also build your own farm inside this isolated space. In our Farm Management guide we will discuss how this feature works and its other features.

Inside the Familiar’s Forest, you can also grow crops and trees as part of your personal farm. Harvested goods can be used in cooking to provide long-lasting buffs, or given as gifts to certain NPCs. Harvested goods can also be exchanged in the Sprout Point Shop for various items that you can use in your Forest.

Setting your Garden

Gardens and trees can be watered and harvested. The crops you produced can be exchanged for other items in the Sprout Point Shop or used as cooking ingredients for dishes that provide various, long-lasting buffs. Since farmable items take time to get produced, it is highly suggested to deploy multiple gardens and trees to increase your yield per session.

You’ll start off with a handful of trees and some fields. These apple trees will produce apples without any special intervention from you. Once the fruits are mature, you can harvest them by kicking the tree. You can only get a maximum of three apples per tree daily. You can harvest them again the following day.
Farm Management

Next, you can place tomato fields or corn fields. You don’t need to manually select which seed to plant so all you need to do is to interact with the field to perform various actions on it. The action you can do will depend on the state of the field, as listed below.
* On an empty field, you can sow (seeds). There aren’t really any seeds consumed for this action so just perform the action to start growing the saplings
* On a sowed field, you can water the plants. Watering increases the chance of getting extra harvested crops. (see more details about watering below)
* Once the crops have fully grown, you can harvest them. Like the apple trees, you can collect 3 tomatoes or corn per field.
Farm Management

Watering notes:
* Even if you can repeat the watering animation, only the first watering attempt is applied.
* Other players who visit your farm can water your crops as well, increasing their yield.
* Other players can only water the crops once per attempt. However, multiple different players can water the same crop and still produce higher yield.
* Watering is entirely optional and you can still collect rewards after the crops mature.

Farming NPCs

After completing certain NPC favor quests, you might get an Exchange Badge for a Farm NPC. You can then deploy this npc on your Forest to handle the farm automatically. This Farm NPC acts like your Forest’s local custodian and will manage the farm on your behalf. This means the Farm NPC can take care of the sowing, watering, and harvesting of your crops and apples.
Image copyright by Netmarble 2022
Image copyright by Netmarble 2022

Farm NPCs will have what we call “management points”. Every time the NPC does something (like tending to your farm), a point is deducted to their total management points. The max MP will vary for each NPC. You can also give gifts to your Farm NPC to replenish said MP. They may have preferred gifts and giving them what they want will replenish more points than normal gifts.


In your personal farm, you can also cook various dishes that can be consumed to buff yourself or given as gifts to certain NPCs (including Farm NPCs). Take note that dishes that can be given to NPCs can’t be cooked from the Kingdom Restaurant so the only way to obtain them is by cooking them yourself!
Image copyright by Netmarble 2022
Image copyright by Netmarble 2022

To cook, you’ll need a stove. After that, you’ll also need the necessary ingredients. A dish that’s ready to be cooked should have the [Craftable] tag beside it. Finally, you need to complete an unskippable minigame. Clearing the minigame will successfully complete the dish and also increase your character’s Cooking Proficiency. Once your proficiency reaches a certain point required by each food item, you’ll be able to automatically cook the food without doing the minigame.
Image copyright by Netmarble 2022
Image copyright by Netmarble 2022

That concludes our Familiar Management Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. For more Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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