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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an MMOPRG where players take control of a character they chose and explore the beautiful and vibrant world as imagined by Studio Ghibli and Level 5. The game has a PvP mode designed to pit your own team of familiars against other players. In our Farm Arena guide we will discuss how you can take advantage of this feature.

Familiar Arena is a PvP mode that gets unlocked after reaching character LV27. In this mode, you have to put your own team of familiars against other players’ teams and you’ll earn Honor Medals and Competitive Hearts for participating. For every victory, you’ll also earn points that will count towards your Season Grade in the current PvP season where you can earn rewards based on your weekly and seasonal ranks. You’ll lose points by losing matches and even get demoted if you become inactive for too long.

Familiar Arena

Arena Entry

Each battle requires 1 Familiar Arena ticket. Each arena ticket takes about 4 hours to recharge after using. You can only keep up to 5 tickets at a time so if your ticket capacity is full, the recharging will stop and will only resume after using at least one ticket. So far, there are no other methods of purchasing or obtaining this ticket from other sources.

Offense / Defense Teams

In the main Familiar Arena window, you can tap Set Team to change your Offense and Defense teams:

* The offense team is what you’ll use to fight other players. You have to eliminate all enemy familiars to win a match.

* The Defense team is what other players face after selecting you as an opponent. Your team should be able to either eliminate all opponents or survive long enough until the timer runs out to win a match.

Familiar Arena

You can form up to 5 attack teams and 1 defense team. Multiple copies of the same type and species can’t be placed on the same team. You’re free to modify your team lineups whenever you please. Any familiar you have assigned to (any) team cannot be released, leveled up, or awakened.

Both Offense and Defense teams can have the same familiars, especially if you have a limited number of powerful familiars to use. However, if you want to annoy opponents, a good defense team should have a good combination of tanks and healers that can successfully fend off the enemy assault. You can also hide at least two of your defense familiars to prevent any opponent from scouting your lineup accurately.

Selecting your Opponents

In the main Arena screen, you can also select your opponent. Normally, you would handpick opponents with low combat power but be warned that some of them may appear weak but can easily wipe out your team. You can refresh the list for free, and any further refreshes will cost 50 diamonds per refresh. Don’t worry since one free refresh is given after the timer runs out. If the opponent has chosen to set their familiars to Hide, then you can only see three familiars in the opposing team.

Familiar Arena

Actual Combat

After selecting your opponent and starting the duel, the battle will be in full-auto mode. During the battle, you can speed it up to 2x, or you can simply press the fast-forward button to see the result of the battle instantly. This saves a lot of time since you don’t need to watch the entire thing unfold.

Familiar Arena


After entering the arena for the first time, you have to fight a set of 5 placement matches. The result of these matches will determine your rank for the season. You only have to do this once per account. At the start of the next season, your final score in the previous season will help determine your rank.

Each season lasts for four weeks. A season starts on Monday at 7AM UTC and ends on the last Monday 7AM UTC. For one hour after the season ends, the scores are tallied so this mode becomes inaccessible temporarily. Your reward for that season will be based on the highest rank you’ve achieved during that season.

Your league rank is calculated using the score you have accumulated, which can lead to promotion. If you’re inactive or you keep losing matches, you’ll lose points and get demoted.

Grade Score Range
Legend 3000-3000+
Grand Master 2700-2999
Master 2400-2699
Diamond 1 2300-2399
Diamond 2 2200-2299
Diamond 3 2100-2199
Platinum 1 2000-2099
Platinum 2 1900-1999
Platinum 3 1800-1899
Gold 1 1700-1799
Gold 2 1600-1699
Gold 3 1500-1599
Silver 1 1400-1499
Silver 2 1300-1399
Silver 3 1200-1299
Bronze 1 1100-1199
Bronze 2 1000-1099
Bronze 3 900-999

Weekly Reward

Every week, you’ll receive a weekly reward based on your current grade (ranking). This reward is distributed every Monday at 630AM. However, if this falls on the day the current season’s ranking reward is distributed, This reward is based on the highest league rank you have attained from the previous week. So for example, if you managed to reach Gold 3 rank, but were demoted to Silver 1, you’ll still get the reward meant for Gold 3.

The weekly reward consists of Honor Medal and Competitive Heart across all grades, as listed below:

Grade Honor Medals Competitive Hearts
Bronze 3 35 30
Bronze 2 45 35
Bronze 3 55 40
Silver 3 80 60
Silver 2 90 65
Silver 1 100 70
Gold 3 150 90
Gold 2 160 100
Gold 1 170 110
Platinum 3 230 140
Platinum 2 240 150
Platinum 1 250 160
Diamond 3 310 190
Diamond 2 320 200
Diamond 1 330 210
Master 390 240
Grand Master 410 270
Legend 430 300

Season Rewards

At the end of every season, the top players will receive a temporary title that will last until the end of the next season. Different titles are awarded to the 1st, 2nd-10th placers, and 11th-100th placers. Additionally, players belonging to the Top 10% among all players in the server will get Asterite and a large amount of gold. Asterite is a premium currency used in late game power up methods.

Ranking Rewards
1st 20000 Asterite, 420000 gold
2nd to 10th 10000 Asterite, 315000 gold
11th to 30th 8000 Asterite, 270000 gold
31st to 100th 6000 Asterite, 210000 gold
Top 3% 2800 Asterite, 170000 gold
Top 5% 2000 Asterite, 150000 gold
Top 7% 1500 Asterite, 130000 gold
Top 10% 1000 Asterite, 105000 gold
Top 20% 85000 gold
Top 50% 65000 gold
Top 75% 45000 gold
Top 100% 25000 gold
Other grades 10000 gold

That concludes our Familiar Arena Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. For more Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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