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Summoning (Gacha) Guide

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Summoning (Gacha) Guide

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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an MMOPRG where players take control of a character they chose and explore the beautiful and vibrant world as imagined by Studio Ghibli and Level 5. While the game is a great MMORPG on its own, it also incorporates gacha elements for weapons, familiars, and costumes. In our Summoning (Gacha) Guide, we will discuss how the game’s summoning system works.


If you’re playing other mobile games with gacha elements, then you’re already familiar with how the system works. If this is your first time encountering such a system, think of it as a lottery. You’ll spend premium currency or special items for a chance to get something from the pool of possible prizes/items/characters. The rarer/more valuable items or characters have a lower drop or appearance rate compared to their uncommon or common counterparts. Every pull is random and you can either be lucky or not.
Summoning (Gacha) Guide

The Summon system in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is no different. However, since you only control one hero, the things that can be acquired via gacha are weapons and armor, familiars (pets), and costume materials or pieces. There are two types of items needed for the Summon Attempts: Diamonds and Summon Coupons. There are also specific summon coupons for each category (Equipment, Familiar, and Costumes Summon Coupons). Obviously, these coupons can’t be used interchangeably. Summoning (Gacha) Guide, we will discuss how the game’s summoning system works. You can earn coupons from completing various tasks in the game like requests, completing weekly tasks, updating your adventure records and more.

Diamonds on the other hand are the game’s premium currency. They can be acquired in the game in very limited numbers since they’re mostly available through in-app purchases using real money.
Summoning (Gacha) Guide

Summon Rates

You can click on the “Summon Rates” button with the magnifying glass icon in the top-left corner of the screen to view the possible summons that you can get. Each banner has a different rate so it won’t hurt checking what are the possible equipment or familiar that you have the possibility to summon.
Summoning (Gacha) Guide

Loyalty (Pity) System

The game offers a pity system guarantees a player with a 4* and Rare 4* as they keep earning Loyalty Points. 1 Loyalty Point is earned every diamond summon, and 0.5 points are awarded when Summon Coupons are used. Once you’ve earned 100 loyalty points, you’ll get a guaranteed 4*. Upon reaching 200 points, you’ll get a guaranteed rare 4*.

All banners except the Costume banner have this Loyalty counter, which are counted separately from each other. The Equipment and Familiar banners will retain the counter and will not reset. However, the loyalty points earned in the Event banner will reset once the banner’s duration is up. Points are not converted into loyalty points for future events as well. The Costumes banner is a bit different due to the lack of a pity counter. Each draw will also require around 30% less diamonds but will give you a chance to collect costumes, outfit materials, and dyes.
Summoning (Gacha) Guide

The summoning system is just there to give players a chance to obtain better familiars, weapons, and of course more cosmetic options. You can still enjoy what the game has to offer even if you seldom use this feature.

That concludes our Summoning (Gacha) Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. For more Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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