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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an MMOPRG where players take control of a character they chose and explore the beautiful and vibrant world as imagined by Studio Ghibli and Level 5. Item Crafting is a staple for most RPG games and is especially common in MMORPGs as it gives players another option to get better equipment for their characters by finding the necessary materials. In our Equipment Crafting guide we will discuss how the system works in the game.

Crafting Overview

Equipment Crafting is unlocked quite early in the game. As long as you tackle the main story quests and its related reputation quests, you’ll be able to unlock this feature in no time. Once available, you can use this facility for free, as often as you please. You can access it from the notification drop down (if you have gathered enough materials) or manually head to the NPC when you’re back in Evermore.

There are two crafting options available: Weapons & Armor, and Accessories. While the crafting NPC is the same whichever class you use, the items that will be produced during crafting will be exclusive to the class who made it.

Equipment Crafting

Guaranteed Crafting

Additionally, even the crafting system has a gacha-like mechanic since the resulting item you’ll get from the same materials will vary. Thankfully, you have the chance to craft a 4-star item if you’re lucky enough. Additionally, the game offers a convenient Guaranteed system as well. By continuously and regularly crafting, you’re guaranteed to get the following:

* 3-star after 30 and 90 crafting attempts

* 4-star after 200 attempts (1% chance to get the rare 4-star)

You can also tap the “Rate Info” button in the top-left corner to view all possible weapons that might appear when crafting normally or when you trigger the Guaranteed Crafting.

Equipment Crafting

Crafting Weapons & Armor

Crafting Weapons and Armor require three materials: recipe, Territe, and crystal. Weapon crafting requires weapon recipes and weapon crystals, while Armor crafting requires armor recipes and armor crystals. Once you have enough materials, you have to pay the required crafting fee and the items will be produced instantly.

Weapon and Armor recipes are somewhat common since you can get them from a lot of sources like shops and merchants, daily mission rewards, clearing various challenges, or even as uncommon drops from normal enemies.

Territe is a power-up material that you can obtain from dailies, adventure, or as drops from enemies in the Chaos Fields.

Finally, weapon and armor crystals are quite common, especially as drops from field monsters. You’ll collect a huge amount of these crystals especially if you’re playing daily and leaving the game in auto-combat for hours on end.

Crafting Accessories

Accessories on the other hand are quite harder to craft compared to weapons and armor, primarily due to the materials needed called Purified Essences. These materials can only be acquired from various World and Field Bosses. You can also tackle these bosses through Bounty missions. You just need to collect the required amount of Purified Essences and pay the crafting fee to receive your item.

Equipment Crafting

There are still randomized results since the listed accessories you can craft are sealed. You have to break the sealed accessory to get one of the three possible outcomes. For example, the Sealed Ardor Necklace can be produce one of the following: (3*) Ardor Necklace, (4*) Volcanic Heart, and (Rare 4*) Tyrant Scale. The rates to get these items also have a wide variance. Using the same example above, you have a 90% chance to get an Ardor Necklace, 9% to get a Volcanic Heart, and 1% to get a Tyrant Scale.

Equipment Crafting

To view the possible accessories you can get from the listed sealed items, you have to press and hold the accessory icon to see the same pop-up window shown below.

As mentioned above, regularly craft whenever possible. Even if you didn’t get the 4* weapons and armor, the resulting 3* pieces are still very usable and reliable placeholders as you clear the game’s content. The 2* and 1* pieces are also great fodder when leveling up your main weapons and armor.

That concludes our Equipment Crafting Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. For more Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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