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Familiar Hatching

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Familiar Hatching

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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an MMOPRG where players take control of a character they chose and explore the beautiful and vibrant world as imagined by Studio Ghibli and Level 5. Familiars come in all shapes and sizes, with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Hatching them from familiar eggs is the most common method of getting new familiars. In our Familiar Hatching guide we will discuss how you can hatch new familiars.

Why Hatch?

Familiars are an integral part of your adventure, providing buffs to your character, and aiding you in battle. Of course, you’ll need more familiars that you can use as fodder or as replacements to your current familiar team. Hatching is a reliable method of getting new familiars. While the process is quite easy, there are still some important factors that you should take into consideration. We will discuss that on this page.

Required Materials

There are two things that you need to have before you can hatch familiars: Familiar Eggs and Dream Shards. These materials can be obtained from many sources but here are the most common ones where you can find both:
* Shop
* Daily Quests
* Release familiars
* Collect from Familiar Forest
* Clear Familiar’s Cradle challenge
* Labyrinth of Dreams

Of course there are additional sources for both. You can easily find the other sources by tapping the item from your inventory then selecting “Source”.

Hatching Process

To start hatching, you have to access the option by tapping the menu in the top-right corner of the screen, select Familiar from the list of icons to the left, then tap Hatch. In the following screen, you can register up to three familiar eggs. The other egg registration slots may not be available until you’re far later in the game.
Familiar Hatching

Select one of the available slots and the screen below will appear. From there, you can select up to three out of the five wish tags. The selected wish tags have a chance to determine the grade and type of the hatched familiar. The gold cost and dream shards will increase per wish tag selected. You can also spend gold to Refresh (reshuffle) the displayed wish tags, up to five times daily. However, I strongly suggest against doing this since it’s just a waste of gold in the long run.
Familiar Hatching

Take note that the wish tags only enable the chance of the hatched familiar to match the property/grade/type you selected in your wish tag! They’re not guaranteed outcomes of the hatched familiar so don’t go too crazy with wishing especially early on when you don’t have that much resources yet. After deciding with your wish tags, tap the Hatch button to start the countdown. Once the countdown starts, you can cancel the hatching process to get your resources back or reduce the hatching time by spending a special consumable called Sand of Time. Once the countdown is over, just access the same screen again and collect your new familiars!
Familiar Hatching

Bulk Hatch

This process allows you to instantly hatch several eggs at once with your preferred wish tags, element, and type. Of course, the amount of resources required will increase as well as you select more specifications. Since Bulk Hatch uses Sands of Time, the results will be instantaneous.
Familiar Hatching

That concludes our Familiar Hatching Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. For more Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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