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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an MMOPRG where players take control of a character they chose and explore the beautiful and vibrant world as imagined by Studio Ghibli and Level 5. Things can be a bit overwhelming if you just picked up the game and have no or limited experience in MMORPGs as a whole. In our Beginner’s Guide, we will provide some helpful tips and tricks to help you get started with Ni no Kuni: CW.

Ni no Kuni is an MMORPG for the mobile platform, with elements and game mechanics with heavy resemblance from the likes of Black Desert Mobile and Blade and Soul Revolution. However, don’t let these similarities distract you; NNKCW is a solid, charming, and entertaining game on its own. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Classes are Balanced

Upon starting the game, you’ll be asked to select a character/class you want to play as. There are five different classes in the game, each with their own combat styles, strengths, and weaknesses. However, if you’re just planning to enjoy the game’s PvE content, then choosing a class is just a matter of personal preference. All classes are balanced and will still do well in clearing the game’s content solo or with other players in a party. Even in PvP, what will matter is your character’s weapons, gears, accessories, and skill levels. Class-exclusive skills and combat styles don't bring that much to the table.

Beginner Guide

Customization is Limited and Permanent

You can customize some basic aspects like hairstyle, eye color, skin color, or physical build but you can’t change their gender. You need to be careful when setting your account’s name and the appearance of your character. There seems to be no way to delete an existing character and the only way to change your character’s appearance is by buying name change or appearance change coupons using diamonds.

Auto-Combat is available from the start

Yes, you heard that right. You’ll get a tutorial on how to fight manually but that is immediately thrown out of the window after completing the tutorial stage as the game will take over the actual combat. You can still press the buttons to trigger the attacks manually or even toggle auto-combat off altogether. Auto-combat is actually a great feature for mobile devices as it saves you a lot of tiring button presses on your device’s touchscreen.

Adjust your game’s Settings

As with other MMORPGs, there could be a ton of things happening around since several other players appear on the screen at the same time, possibly causing the game to drop frame rates horribly and its overall performance hampered. This is true for boss battles or when in hub locations where the NPC quest givers meet. Don’t forget to adjust the Game and Graphics settings as you see fit to manage your device’s temperature and battery life. Thankfully, the game has tooltips or descriptions for almost every option so you just have to tap the magnifying glass icon to view these tips.

Focus on Main Story and Reputation Quests

This is very important early on since some features and modes are locked behind these quests. As you clear them and make more features become available to you, the quicker you’ll gain understanding about the game’s many mechanics and features and the better experience you’ll have.

Get the free Familiar Summons

Early in the game, as soon as you unlock the Summon feature of the shop by completing some main quests, you’ll get a free 10 roll for Familiars. This will always include one 4-star, three 3-stars, and the rest are 2-stars. You can reroll for free up to 10 times as well until you get the familiar you prefer.

Beginner Guide

Check your (in-game bell) notification always!

All notifications are basically one-tap shortcuts that will take you to the proper NPC or screen where you have to perform the action. All updates are listed in the notification, like if you have equipment that can be enhanced, if you have a new skill that can be learned, or if you have a new skill to learn or upgrade.

Improve your weapons and armor regularly

Avoid upgrading your 1-star and 2-star weapons since they’re better off used as fodder. 3-star gear are decent so they can be upgraded to some extent. However, once you have obtained 4-star weapons and gear, you can go ahead and dump your leveling items. Remember to use fodder with the same element as the target equipment to get bonus EXP.

Keep an eye for Timed Gifts

If there’s a notification in the shop, it’s highly likely that there’s a free gift that you can claim there. Always check the shop notifications and claim your freebies!

Don’t forget to claim your daily and weekly rewards!

As you play the game daily, you’ll be able to earn some activity points by completing some tasks like completing Swift Solutions, Familiar’s Cradle, Fire Temple etc. These points will accumulate, which will give you bonus rewards for reaching milestones.

Beginner Guide

Upgrade your skill every level up

Every time you level up, one of your skills becomes available for leveling up as well. Make it a habit to check your notification (bell icon) whenever you level up so you can tap it and view your Skills screen without navigating the menu.

Offline Farming via AI Mode

You can activate AI mode to keep auto-battling and earn rewards even if you log off. In Basic AI mode, you’ll earn 4 hours worth of auto-battling exp and rewards. This time limit is refreshed as part of the game’s daily reset. Furthermore, once you have unlocked the Chaos Field, you can log out there instead to gain massive amounts of EXP and other rewards while offline. Just make sure you have potions ready since your character can still take damage and get knocked out.

Beginner Guide

Carefully manage your diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, primarily used for summoning or buying premium items from the in-game shop. Unless you’re a heavy spender, it’s really recommended to keep a tight lid on your diamond stock. You should only consider using it if there’s a great deal offered in the shop or if you really need something that can only be purchased with diamonds.

Join a Kingdom (Clan/Guild) as early as possible

Even if you create your own Kingdom or join an existing one, being a Kingdom member gives you access to facilities that you won’t have access to otherwise. That includes a Kingdom-exclusive shop, an auction house, facilities that provide temporary and passive buffs, and many more.

CP Boosts from Monster Records

It may seem overwhelming at first but almost everything you do in the game has a gradual contribution to your CP improvement. Under your Adventure Records, you can collect Soulstones (randomly dropped by monsters), specialties (regional items/resources), vistas, and chests. If you’re in a downtime, you can leave your character to do auto-combat to collect soulstones or you can actively hunt for chests and specialties to get those small but permanent CP boosts

Beginner Guide

PvP Content is not (yet) balanced

If you’re planning on tackling the game’s PvP scene, expect to work hard - and even spend hard. In games where players can get access to the best gear and weapons by using real money, expect “whales” or heavy spenders to dominate. So have grounded expectations, unless you’re planning to make a serious effort to be the top player in PvP.

Additionally, since the game allows you to create multiple characters that you can freely switch into, here are some additional tips:

Creating Multiple Characters

You can create multiple characters under the same account and server. This will allow you to test them out and see which one will be your “main”. However, you can only create one character per class. So you won’t be able to create two swordsman characters under the same server for example.

Shared Inventory

All characters you own under the same server will share the same inventory. So just in case you want to create a new character but you already have a stronger “main” character, you won’t have to start from scratch. While weapons are class-restricted, armor and accessories are not. So the new character can “borrow” any armor or accessories your main character is wearing!

Shared Unlocked Features

Depending on the main character’s progress in the game, some features are readily available for the other alternate or secondary character under the same account. While these features are accessible, the character’s CP (combat power) rating will still be checked, barring low level and weak characters from effectively participating. Also, some features like unlocking the default mount need to be done by progressing through the story normally.

That concludes our Beginner’s Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. For more Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds content, please check our other pages in this online guide for the game.

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