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The Dark Lord Returns

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The Dark Lord Returns

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Complete The Dark Lord Returns with the help of our walkthrough to this level below

1) Destroy the plants in the area to reveal the armour pieces.

2) Assemble the knight armour and then shoot it to be shown the correct direction.

3) In the next area kill all the pixies holding the armour pieces and build the statue.

4) Shoot the armour and follow the directions.

5) In the third area use Lumos Solem to clear the vines and fix the armour. Then shoot it.

6) Follow the directions to start the labyrinth area.

7) Destroy the five vines to get the Yellow Crest piece.

8) Leave the Red Crest piece, it requires dark arts intervention to be accessed.

9) Kill the pixie and put the arrow it drops to the pole up ahead and then rotate it to open the wall to the left. Go there to reach the next area.

10) Use Wingardium Leviosa on the book, then make a trampoline out of the pieces it drops.

11) Jump on the trampoline to jump over the wall.

12) Place flies on the web so the spider eats them and breaks the wall.

13) Make the spider scare the sphinx off to reveal a path by feeding it flies.

14) In this area kill the Death Eaters then beat Voldermont during the wand duel.

15) Repeat this three times to win this boss battle and complete the story.


1) In the second area, before going past the moving walls, break the dark wall to the left. Then dig in the digging spot to get the Blue Crest piece.

2) After killing the pixie holding the arrow, shoot the dark wall to the right to get the Red Crest piece.

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