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Floo Powder

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Floo Powder

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Our guide to Year 2 commences with Floo Powder!

1) Get the Red Crest piece by lifting the gnomes, spinning them then throwing all six of them.
2) Assemble the pile of Lego pieces near the basketball hoop to create a pumpkin-mobile.
3) At the dark magic shop use Wingardium Leviosa on the broom at the bottom of the stairs to clean the nearby mirror.
4) Switch to Hagrid then pull the chain as reflected on the mirror.
5) Shoot the large man-eating chest and then use the pieces to form a sword which you then give to the painting using Wingardium Leviosa.
6) Use the green key the painting drops to open the door.
7) Shoot the boxes and use Wingardium Leviosa on them to form the handle for the pull-chain nearby. Pull the chain with Hagrid to open the path.
8) Avoid the spider.
9) Grab the Harry (sweater) character token from the chest.
10) Have Hagrid open the gate by pulling the chain.


1) Find the George Weasley character token under the digging spot near the basketball hoop outside the Weasley residence.
2) At the wierd shop shoot the monster chest next to the cabinet to reveal the Green Crest piece in a hidden compartment.
3) Get the Arthur Weasley character token by using CR on the dark cabinet near the exit.
4) Get the Blue Crest piece which is along the hallway outside the shop. Use Wingardium Leviosa to build the stairs then use dark arts to open the gate.

Hogwarts Castle

1) Get Angelina Johnson's character token by shooting all ten torches in the hallway.
2) Assemble the skeleton pieces to get a cauldron ingredient.
3) Shoot the planter with the pink flower to reveal a monster plant. Destroy it to get another ingredient.
4) Shoot the bin to reveal the last ingredient.
5) Put all the ingredients in the cauldron. Drink it and pull the chain to exit to the next area.
6) Follow the ghost guide to the next herbology class.
7) Equip the earmuffs from the wardrobe in order to handle mandrakes easily.
8) Unlock Mandrake Handling by grabbing the mandrakes in the room and using them to shatter glass-enclosed items. Put them in pots afterwards to silence them.
9) Get the Hufflehuff Boy character token by destroying the five glass-enclosed plants around the courtyard using a mandrake.
10) Go upstairs in the castle and shoot the golden statues to get the Lee Jordan character token.
11) Unlock the character token of Ernie McMillan by going upstairs again and destroying the glass barricade blocking the path.
12) Activate the torch to get the character token of Hannah Abbot.
13) Arrange the puzzle to reveal a silver-locked seal. You will not be able to break it.
14) You will now learn the spell Immobulus in the classroom. It will allow you to freeze pixies and kill them.
15) Go downstairs and to the next classroom to learn the spell called Transfiguration.
16) Follow the ghost studs.

That wraps up the Floo Powder level, the next chapter is Dobby's Plan.

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