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The Restricted Section

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Play your way through part 4 of Year 1, The Restricted Section with our handy bullet pointed guide to this level.

1) Equip your cloak and press Y to kill the red books on the floor that serve as guards.

2) Approach the ghost lady and wait for her to create a flower bed.

3) Use Wingardium Leviosa to take out the cauldron.

4) The ingredients for the cauldron are four candlesticks which sprout into flowers when you shoot them and the popsicle. You grab the popsicle by shooting the desk in the room and assembling the blue pieces with Wingardium Leviosa. Then using the spell again to melt the wall. The spider is behind the shelf and the daisy can be found on the upper shelf, to get these two last ingredients you need to stand on the book held by the statue.

5) Place the ingredients into the cauldron to blow up the door and access the next area.

Restricted Area

1) Equip the cloak to get past the old man.

2) Shoot the pile of books to reveal a green piece.

3) Open the gate by assembling the Lego pieces according to their color.

4) Grab the green key and use it to open the door.

5) Activate the two candlesticks to get the Yellow crest piece.

6) Shoot the books blocking the tube.

7) Send Ron's pet to push the pile of books overhead.

8) Use Wingardium Leviosa to place the missing door piece on the door to activate it so you can enter the next room.

9) Shoot the spiders off the cobwebs to reveal a Green Crest piece.

10) Use the spell Lumos Solem on the vines and wait for the bats to perch before shooting them.

11) Approach the mirror to complete the stage.


1) Use Hermione to solve the puzzle cabinet beside the large statue to get the Red Crest piece.

2) Get the Blue Crest piece that is behind the web where you got the spider ingredient. Use Crucio to destroy any obstructions.

3) Use a key character such as Griphook on the safe beside the stairs to get the Filch character token.

4) Use CR on the cabinet with dark arts to get the Neville (pyjamas) character token.


1) The ghost guide will lead you to Hagrid's cottage.

Our guide continues with the next stage of Year 1, The Forbidden Forest

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