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A Jinxed Broom

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A Jinxed Broom

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Check out how to get through the next stage, A Jinxed Broom with out guide below

1) Raise the flag to the left, then go downstairs.

2) Raise another flag, fly across the gap, and go downstairs to raise three more flags.

3) Use Wingardium Leviosa to fix the tubes and send Ron's pet to reach the platform above.

4) Arrange the Lego pieces that fall so you can reach the upper platform.

5) Solve the cabinet pattern puzzle so the axe clears a path for you.

6) Raise the last two flags to get the Red Crest piece.

7) Use Ron's pet to reach the Harry (Girl Disguise) character token under the stairs.

8) Go up the ladder and solve the cabinet pattern puzzle.

9) Use Wingardium Leviosa to lift the pieces up and to connect them to the wall to create footholds.

10) Use the Lego pieces to the left to create stairs and break the barricade to continue through and complete the level.


1) Unlock the chest beside the pet tunnel to get the character token Fred (Quidditch).

2) Destroy the pixies and then use Crucio on the barrel to get the Yellow Crest piece.

Yellow Crest

1) Go up the ladder and shoot the cabinet using a dark arts character to obtain the character token of Marcus Flint.


1) Follow the ghost guide and repair the bridge.

2) Return to your room to start the next stage.

That wraps up this stage, keep reading to learn how to complete the next stage of Year 1, The Restricted Section.

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