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The Forbidden Forest

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The Forbidden Forest

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1) Collect Fang's character token in the lower right corner of the screen.
2) Shoot one of the yellow flowers.
3) Switch to Fang and climb the ladder to shoot a second yellow flower.
4) Shoot the last flower under the beehive.
5) Use Fang to dig and reveal a subterranean path.
6) Use the Lumos Solem spell to clear the vine and obstacle.
7) Order Fang to dig the blue Lego brick.
8) Before assembling it switch to Fang and swim to the mound and dig in the middle to drain the water.
9) Switch to Harry and use Wingardium Leviosa to throw the six fishes back into the water so the Red Crest piece appears.
10) Have Hagrid pull the chain to raise the stone platform.


1) Look out for 10 dark stones and destroy them using any dark arts character's Crucio spell.
2) After draining the chest look for a locked chest in the lower right corner to get the Blue Crest piece.


1) Follow the ghost studs and after going upstairs press B to change their direction. Continue up and enter the door to continue.

Our guide continues with the final stage of Year 1, Face of the Enemy.

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