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Our guide to Year 3 starts with the chapter, News from Azkaban.

1) Fix the painting nearby then shoot the painting where the wizard moved to.

2) Fix the painting again to stun the monster book. Then jump on it and press B to defeat it.

3) At the train platform shoot the owl cage beside the benches, grab the flower piece that it drops, then use it to plug the steam blocking your path.

4) Destroy five containers to get the Yellow Crest piece. One is on the platform on the other side.

5) Wake up the two passengers by using Wingardium Leviosa to fix the speakers.

6) Shoot the two passengers so a bottle piece and some Lego pieces appear which you can rebuild to a blue brick.

7) Have another character carry the bottle piece, then carry the blue brick to the left and place it on top of the green brick near the train window.

8) Jump on the train and search for the dig spot to reveal the Red Crest piece.

9) Construct the cauldron and put in the ingredients.

10) Drink the potion and then pull the chain to connect the two train cars.

11) Continue riding the train.

12) Follow the trolley and use Wingardium Leviosa to lift the lollipop from the trolley and give it to the kid. Do this twice, then lift the green key from the trolley and use it to open your room.

13) Use Professor Lupin's spell to destroy the wraiths and shoot the luggage.

14) Use Wingardium Leviosa to activate the pickaxe and destroy the stone blocking the adjacent room.

15) Rebuild the pieces to a cart then use Wingardium Leviosa to move the boxes onto the cart.

16) Bash the lock by shooting the cart and then continue to the second train.

17) Shoot the five green Slytherin chests to get the Blue Crest piece.

18) Clear the blockade obscuring the entrance of the pet tunnel.

19) Send Ron's pet through the tube and push the luggage overhead to wake up the student.

20) Grab the key from the chest and use it to open the emergency box.

21) Use the pickaxe to destroy the rock and then move to the third car.

22) Have Hermione access the puzzle cabinet and solve the puzzle to release some Lego pieces.

23) Keep using Wingardium Leviosa on the Lego pieces until they are placed on the purple patch on the floor so the moonlight from the window is blocked.

24) Use the pickaxe to clear the path, then shoot the green chest.

25) Lift the curtain from the floor and place it against the window.

26) Shoot the wraiths blocking the path.


1) Follow the ghost guide to the classroom.

2) Shoot four books to unlock the Pavarti Patil character token.

3) Learn the spell Riddikulus permanently by having Hermione use it three times against the Boggarts. Then do the same for Ron.

4) Use Riddikulus to get rid of rattling chests. A green key will drop from one which you can use to open the next door.

4) Use Riddikulus to get rid of rattling chests. A green key will drop from one which you can use to open the next door.

5) Find the cauldron in the courtyard and look for the ingredients.

6) Reveal some hoops overhead by using the strength potion to pull the chain.

7) Fly through the hoops on using the broom with Harry to get the Oliver Wood character token.

8) Enter the classroom and find the three teacups.

9) Have Hermione solve the puzzle cabinet and assemble the pieces.

10) Return to the courtyard and meet up with Hagrid to start his lesson.

Buckbeak Handling lesson

1) Kill the pixie and use Wingardium Leviosa to put the small plant on the purple base in the purple piece on the rock to prevent any more pixies from appearing.

2) Have Hermione release her cat then order it to dig the nearby dig point to find the food piece.

3) Use Wingardium Leviosa on the brown ball and use the cat to dig again.

4) Climb the ladder the brown guys create to get the second food piece.

5) Grab the third food piece in the middle of the pond to complete the lesson.

Hagrid's Garden

1) Use Fang or Hermione's cat to clear the garden.

2) Assemble the pieces to the right to create a Time Turner cabinet.

3) Go to the Libray and shoot the curtains to the left and use Wingardium Leviosa for a pixie and book to enter.

4) Use Wingardium Leviosa to place the torch they drop on the statue beside the painting in the corner.

5) Shoot the statue so the wizard on the painting runs to another canvas. Go there and jump on the leftmost plant so your allies lift you up.

6) Untangle the chest held by vine using the spell Lumos Solem and shoot it.

7) Grab the pink glass to throw it to the painting.

8) The painting will give you a slab. Use it on the nearby relief to open it.

9) Exit the library and go upstairs.

Our guide continues with a walkthrough for the next chapter, Hogsmeade.

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