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Dark Tower

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Dark Tower

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Play through Year 3, Dark Tower with the help of our guide below.

1) Shoot five green lamps to unlock the Blue Crest piece.
2) Kill the wraiths with the Patronum spell.
3) Melt the ice covering the third lamp in the middle of the bridge.
4) Melt the ice at the fountain.
5) Shoot the fourth lamp.
6) Use Wingardium Leviosa to bring the water-filled bucket to the right side and water the seeds.
7) Shoot the flowers and jump on them to reach the upper platform.
8) Shoot the torch-holder to melts half the ice covering the door.
9) Kill the wraith.
10) Shoot the chest to the right then rebuild the second torch-holder.
11) Shoot it so it melts the other half of the door and then enter.
12) Use Wingardium Leviosa to place the first platform so your partner can proceed.
13) Use the torch to retract the vines so the wooden palette drops.
14) Switch to the character on the right side and continue forth.
15) In the next area use Wingardium Leviosa to bring the cauldron down.
16) Destroy the snake and grab the tooth piece.
17) Lift the purple gargoyle and place it above the window to smash it.
18) Grab the Red Crest piece that is on the right.
19) Use multi-lock to defeat the wraiths faster in the boss fight.


1) After getting across the ceiling, use Griphook to open the safe and grab the Green Crest piece.
2) Shoot 6 silver gargoyles to get the Yellow Crest piece.

This completes our guide to Year 3. Our Guide continues with Year 4, The Quidditch World Cup.

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