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Cheat Codes

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Once the following cheat codes have been redeemed you will be able to activate them by pressing 'Pause', then going to 'Extras'. These cheats basically replace each of the Red Bricks you collect throughout the game.

Carrot Wands:

Changes all wands into carrots. Enter the code AUC8EH

Character Studs:

Characters and enemies leave Studs behind. Enter the code H27KGC

Character Token Detector:

Detects Character Tokens. Enter the code HA79V8


Adds Santa hats to characters. Enter the code T7PVVN


Enter the code ENTRY2 or 4DMK2R

Extra Hearts:

Adds extra hearts. Enter the code J9U6Z9

Fall Rescue:

Rescues from fall damage. Enter the code ZEX7MV

Fast Dig:

Faster digging animation. Enter the code Z9BFAD

Fast Magic:

Faster magic animation. Enter the code FA3GQA

Gold Brick Detector:

Detects Gold Bricks. Enter the code 84QNQN

Hogwarts Crest Detector:

Detects Hogwarts Crests. Enter the code TTMC6D

Ice Rink:

Floor behaves like slippy ice. Enter the code F88VUW


Invincible to damage. Enter the code QQWC6B

Red Brick Detector:

Detects Red Bricks. Enter the code 7AD7HE

Regenerate Hearts:

Regenerates Hearts. Enter the code 89ML2W

Score x2:

Multipies score by 2. Enter the code 74YKR7

Score x4:

Multipies score by 4. Enter the code J3WHNK

Score x6:

Multipies score by 6. Enter the code XK9ANE

Score x8:

Multipies score by 8. Enter the code HUFV2H

Score x10:

Multipies score by 10. Enter the code H8X69Y


Turns every character into a black silhouette. Enter the code HZBVX7

Singing Mandrake:

Mandrake plants now sing. Enter the code BMEU6X

Stud Magnet:

Attracts Studs to you. Enter the code 67FKWZ

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