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Tom Riddle's Diary

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Tom Riddle's Diary

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Here is a complete guide to getting through Tom Riddle's Diary.

1) Defeat Moaning Mytle by using Wingardium Leviosa to throw debris back at her.
2) Get the potion ingredients.
3) shoot all six armours that are in the room to reveal the Red Crest piece.
4) Hit the pistons to find a shacking brick.
5) Place the ingredients into the cauldron.
6) Drink the strength potion pull the chain to reveal some Lego bricks.
7) Use the bricks to create a walkway on top of the pink arcs so you can reach the other chain to get out of this area.
8) Unlock the Green Crest piece by shooting all three radios.


1) During the boss battle open the cabinet in the bathroom to get the Moaning Myrtle character token.
2) Shoot the silver chest in the upper left corner of the room to get the Yellow Crest piece.
3) Have Hermione solve the puzzle cabinet.
4) Find the Professor Vector character token in the safe beside the third radio.

Our guide continues with Follow the Spiders.

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