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The First Task

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The First Task

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Year 4 continues with our guide to The First Task, keep reading below to find out how to complete this Chapter.

1) Hide behind the rocks and let the dragon destroy them.

2) After all the brown rocks are destroyed, assemble the pieces to a dog.

3) The dragon will then destroy it, along with the obstructions.

4) Assemble the cauldron then find all the ingredients nearby.

5) Drink the strength potion then pull the chain.

6) Use Wingardium Leviosa to lift the water container and extinguish the fire.

7) Kill the pixie for the red brick.

8) Dig for the blue brick.

8) Place both bricks on the platform of the red skeleton.

9) Keep shooting the green pieces until you can assemble them into one big brick using Wingardium Leviosa.

10) The Red Crest piece will then appear.

11) Run away from the dragon and enter the building.

12) Avoid the broken parts of the floor and grab the Blue Crest piece on the left.


1) Get the Green Crest piece when you are being chased by the dragon by dealing with the three boulders.

2) Get the Yellow Crest piece in the first area where you're halted by rocks, have the dragon destroy the barricade and use dark arts on the dark stones underneath to get this piece.


1) Follow the ghost guide to the wooden bridge.

2) Destroy the gate using TE

3) Take control of the battle and have your AI partner move the bricks so you can move the ball out of the maze.

4) Shoot the ball so it turns into a snail and then follow it.

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