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Dementor's Kiss

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Dementor's Kiss

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Our guide to Year 3 continues with instructions on how to complete the Dementor's Kiss Chapter

1) Go to the upper left corner of the garden and equip earmuffs.
2) Use a mandrake to get fish from the bucket.
3) Take the fish to the griffin.
4) Use the Lego pieces to build a grill.
5) Take out the roasted meat and feed it to the griffin.
6) Grab the axe that appears and use it to free the griffin.
7) Kill the wasps.
8) Kill the pixies holding the raincloud pieces.
9) Jump on the lily then use Lumos Solem to kill the vine.
10) Jump down and rebuild the music player using the Lego pieces.
11) Grab the black record to the left, then dig out the second.
12) Place both records on the player to get the Red Crest piece.
13) Ride the frog and go through the checkpoints that will appear around the pond to get the Green Crest piece.

Green Crest Piece

1) Jump on the lily to reach the upper pond
2) Use Wingardium Leviosa to pull the hook out of the water.
3) Shoot the hook to grab the chest.
4) Shoot the chest to get the yellow record.
3) Defeat six wraiths using Harry's Patronum spell.


1) Hit the bird cage to release the Blue Crest piece.
2) Get the Yellow Crest piece by ignoring the wraiths and going right and opening the middle of the three dark stones.


1) Ride the griffin and enter the northern gate.
2) Go upstairs and use Wingardium Leviosa to drive the egg out of the maze.
3) Ride the platform.
4) Break the wall in the upper level by using Wingardium Leviosa on the pink feather on top of the table to tickle the painting so it sneezes.
5) Play three records on the music player to get the Cho Chang character token.
6) Return to the previous area and ride the griffin.

Keep reading to get to the final Chapter of Year 3, Dark Tower.

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