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Gold Brick Locations

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Gold Brick Locations

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Scattered throughout Lego Harry Potter - Years 1-4 are 200 gold Bricks which you can collect in order to gain access to a bonus level in Borgin & Burkes, the antiques shop that can be found in Diagon Alley. Check out our Gold Brick Locations Guide to find out everything you need to know about collecting and finding these bricks.

If you are trying to collect all the character tokens in Lego Harry Potter - Years 1-4 you will need to find all of the Gold Bricks as doing so gives you access to the bonus level and the Voldermort character token which cannot be gained any other way. Below is a list of where to find all the Gold Bricks in the game. Keep in mind that many of the 200 Gold Bricks you need to find can be found by achieving certain things throughout the game and will not require you to go looking for them.

24 Gold Bricks
Reward for finishing each level.

24 Gold Bricks
Reward for getting the True Wizard title on each level.

24 Gold Bricks
Reward for completing the Hogwarts Crest on each level.

50 Gold Bricks
Reward for saving the Students in Peril that you find.
(24 you will find in levels and the other 26 around Hogwarts)

34 Gold Bricks
Scattered throughout Hogwarts.

16 Gold Bricks
Reward for completing each class in Hogwarts.

12 Gold Bricks
Available at the Eeylops Owl Emporium.

10 Gold Bricks
Reward for finishing each level at Gringott's

4 Gold Bricks
Found in the basement of the Leaky Cauldron

1 Gold Brick
Found at Diagon Alley

1 Gold Brick
Found at Knockturn Alley

Gold Brick Locations

Most Gold Bricks are obtainable easily as you play through the game, but some require a bit of work to find. Here are the locations of the ones that fit that criteria.

Entrance Hall Gold Brick
Near to the stairs that you descend from the Gryffindor common room to reach the Hogwarts Castle entrance there are six floating torches positioned on the walls. If you light them all using magic a Gold Brick will appear.

Hallway Gold Brick
If you shoot the banners that are in front of each of the school houses in the long hallway with magic blasts a Gold Brick will appear which you can collect. There are five banners in total you need to shoot.

Grand Staircase Gold Brick
If you interact with painting as you mount the Grand Staircase you will coax the stairs into moving along the walls so that you can continue your climb. When you have reached the top of the stairs you will find a rubbish heap near the back corner. Blast it with Reducto magic to reduce it to nothing and reveal a Gold Brick.

Gryffindor Common Room Gold Brick
Go to the Gryffindor common room and assemble the pieces at the center of the room to make a clock. Then have Hermione use her Time-Turner ability to turn back time. If you now blast open the treasure chest that is at the back of the room on the left and jump inside you will find a Gold Brick.

Gryffindor Dorm Room Gold Brick
If you strike the four canopied beds that surround you in the Gryffindor dorm room with magic blasts from your wand a gold brick will appear.

Ravenclaw Common Room Gold Brick
From the Gryffindor common room make your way to the Ravenclaw common room by heading along the hallway to the right. At the room entrace blast open a chest and hit the teacher who waits inside with Riddikulus magic. When she vanishes assemble the pieces she leaves behind to form the latches for the nearby gate. Attach the latches and pass through and then use the cauldron that is on the left to turn your character into a Ravenclaw character. Now climb the stairs to the common room annd put the yellow books that are scattered on the floor of the common room and adjourning dorm back onto the shelves. When you have found and tagged all five of them a Gold Brick will appear.

Slytherin Dorm Room Gold Brick
To acess the Slytherin dorm room you will need to have a Slytherin character and have entered the common room. At the back side of the pool you find a treasure chest which if you blast open using your magic will make a Gold Brick appear in the pool which you will be able to dive into and collect.

Classrooms Foyer Gold Brick
Go to the upper floor of the foyer and head to the left. There you will find a space on the wall for a huge 'H' banner. Use the pieces that are on the right side of this area to construct the 'H' which you then blast with the Reducto Spell to reveal tubing. Now use magic to construct it so there are no gaps and send either Ron's or Hermione's pet up the tubing. When the pet reaches the far end there is a lever it can press to make a Gold Brick appear.

Quidditch Tent Area Gold Brick
On the right side of the Quidditch tent you will find a bench which you can hop onto. If you then let a friend use magic to raise the bench you will be able to jump to the top of the tent where you can then head left to find a ball. If you then drop this ball in a nearby chute it will travel along the chute to the end and cause a Gold Brick to appear.

Greenhouse Gold Brick
At the back of the greenhouse in the rafters you will find a Gold Brick. To collect it you need to hit the nearby house crest with a magic blast so a plant materialises in the vase beneath it. If you then jump onto the pant and then to the top of the nearby wardrobe you will be able to collect the Gold Brick from the overhead beam.

Library Gold Brick
If you go to the lower floor of the library which is also know as the 'Restricted Section' you will find two gremlins in the back left corner propping up a book. Defeat them to knock loose the books and then hit the back shelf to pick up a wizard's cap. A second wizard's cap can be found by going up onto the balcony along the rooms left side and then reaching by having one of your friends lift you on a yellow book near the left side of the balcony's base and jumping over to a stack of books which you can use to springboard up to higher ground. Now drop back down and head to the right side of the room and blast some shelves under the balcony until a book that dumps its contents on the floor is revealed. If you make a character to dig in that space some sprites will be revealed who will produce a ladder that you can use to climb to the top floor where you will be able to get one final Wizard's cap and make a Gold Brick appear on the floor below.

Defense Against Dark Arts Lesson Area Gold Brick
If you hit seven silvery statues in this classroom with magic blasts a Gold Brick will appear. You may have to free some of these silvery statues first from the grip of gremlins, from vines, and solving a cabinet puzzle.

Hufflepuff Common Room Gold Brick
To enter this room you will need to use a potion that alters your appearance. Blast the lock of the large brown chest that is just to the side of the door to open it and then use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to lift the cake that is inside up to the hungry occupant in the nearby painting. The painting's resident will then give you a Gold Brick.

Tower Courtyard Gold Brick
There is a tower with a pendulum swinging back and forth in the background. In front of it to the left is a suit of armour which if you use a character with Dark Magic ability to cast a spell onto will explode leaving behind a broom. If you ride the broom a blue Lego stud with four gold ones around it will appear overhead. Collect that stud to make another one appear nearby. Continue collecting the blue studs as you circle around the upper edge of the area. When you have collected the last one a Gold Brick will appear.

Pendulum Tower Gold Brick
At the Pendulum Tower use your magic to knock gremlins out of the air. Doing so will slow the cogs that are spinning on the left and right sides of the area. Go to the right and climb onto the back platform and look at the right wall. Hit the painting that is there with a blast of magic to knock a gear out of it, then use magic to lift that gear onto the larger set of gears in the background. This will make a Gold Brick appear.

Pendulum Tower Gold Brick #2
Access the Time-Turner ability using a character such as Hermione or Professor Dumbledore by going to the booth in the lower right corner of Pendulum tower. The Time-Turner ability will make you appear in a different verson of the same room. Go to the left side of the room and stand in front of the spinning gear. If your partner now goes to the nearby cog and stands on it they will slow the gear in front of you so that it becomes a staircase. Go up the staircase and blast the painting with magic to produce a clock hand which you need to attach to the large clock face to the right. Now go to the edge of the room and use Lumos magic to release a device from the grip of some vines that are along the wall. When the device is then attached to the statue near the center of the room it will tug on a chain which will make the gear on the room's right side freeze and form a staircase. Both characters will now be able to climb to the higher ledge where solving the puzzle in the back will produce some pieces which can be assembled into another clock hand which is also attached to the clock face. If you now use magic to spin the hands around on the clock they will settle into place and a Gold Brick will appear.

Owlery Gold Brick
At the Owlery use the Reducto spell to open the treasure chest in the lower left corner near the base of the stairs. Nothing will be inside the chest. Now use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to lift the chest and carry it toward the pedestal at the center of the room so feed gets put into the feeder. Owls will now swarm the seed. Climb up to the ledge where the owls were perched and use magic to assemble a disc platform which you then need to mount. When the owls return they will lift the platform and carry you to the room above where there is a tresure chest in the lower right corner. Find the feather that is nearby and use magic to lift it up and toward the painting along the left side of the room. The feather will tickle the painting making it sneeze and blasting away part of the wall. Now use magic to assemble the pieces that remain so it forms a treasure chest which will open automatically and reveal a Gold Brick.

Owlery Gold Brick #2
Go to the granfather clock inth lower right corner of the owlery and use the Time-Turner ability to turn back the hands of time. When you reappear there will be some purple boxes with different coloured studs on them along the ground behind you. Use magic to lift the boxes and place them in holes along the wall to the upper right, between more studs of the same colours. When you place the appropriate boxes in the holes a Gold Brick will appear.

Flying Lesson Area Gold Brick
Open the treasure chest using your Reducto spell so brooms and six rings which will position themselves in the air above pour out. Get on a broom as Harry and fly him through all the rings to make a Gold Brick appear on the ground near the treasure chest.

Forest Path Gold Brick
At the area that overlooks Hagrids hut you will be able to assemble three tall structures that look like Moai heads. Once you have assemble all three using Wingardium Leviosa and cleared away the birds droppings using magic to lift the brooms found near the base of each of them a Gold Brick will appear on a nearby boulder.

Hagrid's Pumpkin Patch Gold Brick
At the pumpkin patch area to the right of Hagrid's hut there is a bucket of water. Use Wingardium Leviosa to carry the bucket and pour the water into a large kettle. Do the same with some vegetables spread across the picnic cloth nearby. The vegetables will boil and you will then be able to leap over the kettle to ride up in the air and collect a Gold Brick.

Hagrid's Pumpkin Patch Gold Brick #2
At the pumpkin patch area to the right of Hagrid's hut there will be a clock. Have Hermione use the Time-Turner ability to turn back time. If you now break apart any nearby foliage you will reveal a head for a scarecrow. Attach the head and you will reveal weak ground nearby. Make Fang dig to lower the ground and then break apart the pumpkins that sprout. Use the resulting pieces to assemble a lever in the recess, then have Hagrid give it a tug. When you do this you will send the scarecrow flying through the area and leave a lot of loose pieces which you can assemble to form a barbecue pit to the left. If you now use Wingardium Leviosa magic on the nearby dragon egg and place it over the barbecue you will cause it to crack open revealing a dragon baby and a Gold Brick.

Dumbledore's Office Gold Brick
Once you have cleared the final Story mode stage, climb the Grand Staircase to the top and enter Dumbledore's Office to find a treasure chest which if you hit with a magical blast will break open to reveal a Gold Brick inside.

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