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Where is the Creation Arena at?

Where is the Creation Arena at?
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Creation Arena is actually an event within the game that is accessed from the event center just as you would with other events. If you can't find or access the Creation Arena there, it is most likely because your Estate level must be at least level 15.

Where is the Creation Arena at?
What is the Creation Arena for?

Creation arena will basically enable players to fight another Lord's Creation and win rewards from accomplishing its requirements. When you access the event, you'll see in its interface the option to fight (by clicking the fight button) against other Creations 5 times in a day, free of charge. However, you can also get past this limit by paying up 10 gold for every additional fight.

What do you get from participating in this event?

Every time you take part in this event and managed to win the battle, you'll earn Creation Material Chests. Take note though that the maximum number you get per day is limited to 10 units. Apart from this, a complete season of the event last for 7 days. During that period, you'll be graded depending on how you perform in your battles. If you win or get a draw in your battles, as a result, you'll climb up the rankings. If you fail, you'll slip down commensurate rank. Depending on how well you performed during an entire season (has a tier level indicator of your current achievement), you'll be rewarded with the equivalent collection of rewards items.

Where is the Creation Arena at?
On top of this, there is also a "Standing Reward" which is basically a shortlist of people that managed to reach the highest points in this event, per season. You will receive rewards based on the your ranking result. Trying your best shot at the event and aiming for the top is pretty challenging. However, with rewards such as 100,000 gold for the best creation, makes the event very attractive nonetheless.

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