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Estate / Castle
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Estate / Castle

Upon checking out some of the important buttons and sub-menus in the game, you might want to learn next the different points of interest within your estate. For one thing, you'll spend much of your "Beginner Phase" within your castle grounds so you might as well pay good attention to the details as we've listed them below:

1. Castle - Your Castle is the heart of your Estate and probably the most important structure therein. Each time you upgrade your Castle, you basically unlock a higher tier of upgrade for every building in your estate. That said, if for instance your Castle is at level 15, it follows that all other buildings can be upgraded to a maximum of level 15. Not limited to this, each time you upgrade your Castle, you also increase your March Capacity as well as your overall Power. If you Click on the Castle itself, details of your Estate's resource production and resource boosts can be viewed in "Estate Stats". The same is true when trying to view the details of your Estate's current item boosts in the "Estate Buff" option.

2. Castle Buildings - There are a collection of structures built around your Castle as well and are mostly responsible for upgrading your defenses, and increasing your overall power. Some of the building to find around the Castle Grounds are the; Warehouse - used for resource protection, Trap Factory - builds additional defense for your Estate, Academy - where you research technology, Forge - where you design and synthesize equipment.

3. Vacant Building Slots - are empty plot of lands that will be used to build your Forge later on in the game. As you progress through the levels, they will eventually be unlocked and be built in these empty slots.

4. Troop Enlistment Buildings - Near the southern gate of your Castle grounds, you'll find a couple of buildings that generally train/produce your soldiers. Among the buildings are the Stables - to build your cavalry, Barracks - to build your melees, and Shooting Range - to build ranged combatants. As you progress through the levels, you'll eventually unlock the different buildings within the Castle grounds.

5. Airship - is where you access your Airship. An additional fighting force that you get to enlist in your battles and is never destroyed or damaged by enemies. Additionally, you can "Upgrade" your Airship from this building (when it opens up the Airship Menu), which will basically endow you with buffs in the game such as enhancement of the combat effectiveness of your troops, increase both your march capacity, and your gathering skills.

After tinkering with the areas within your castle grounds, you may try scrolling down and get past the bridge to access your Rural Buildings (as seen on the image below).

Estate / Castle

As you get past the bridge from the Castle grounds, you'll reach the Rural part of your Estate. This is where you primarily build your resource collectors in the game that will generally help you fund your operations and soldier upkeep costs. Among the most basic things that you ought to know when starting the game are as follows:

1. The Different Resource Collectors - during the initial levels of the game, you'll be introduced to Food and Lumber as the basic resources that you'll need to fuel your army. Food is used to train soldiers and as form of upkeep to maintain their numbers. Lumber on the other hand will generally be used to build or upgrade buildings within your estate. However, on the latter part of the game, you'll be introduced with two more resources that will be needed to produce higher tiered soldiers.

2. Tribute - a good source of freebies in the game that usually spawns a random item every set duration. The items that you can earn from this building will generally boost your growth especially during the initial phase of the game.

3. Vacant Plot for Resource Collectors or Military Tents - to accommodate the growing needs of your soldiers, you can expand your number of resource collectors like farms and lumberyards in these vacant plots of lands. However, to increase your holding capacity of soldiers, what you'll need to build might be Military Tents. As you progress in the game, you'll be introduced with the different buildings that you can put in the rural part of your estate.

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