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What are Gemstones?

What are Gemstones?
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What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are special items that are placed on special equipment with gemstone slots. In return, they provide additional boosts to your equipment dependent to the level and type of gemstone that you'll use. To get to the crafting side of it, you might want to check your Forge Building. When you get inside the building's menu, you'll see an overview of all your currently available gemstones, as well as show you if the equipment you have can plausibly slot them in (as there are equipment that do not have slots). Additionally, this is where you can refine gemstones in order to increase their boost effect.

Types of Gemstones

It is relatively easy to understand what type of gemstone you have with simply its name. As a basic guide, you'll notice that gemstones are usually labeled with two names. The first label basically refers a particular type of soldier/troop it is used with. On the other hand, the second part of its name indicates the gemstone's concluding effect. Additionally, you should be mindful that the second part of its name actually dictates the shape of the gemstone - which is the limiting factor to which type of equipment you can slot is with, as it needs the same shape before you could actually slot the Gemstone in.

Examples of First Name:

Air - Long-ranged troops

Sentinel - Infantry

Stallion - Cavalry

Examples of Second Name:

Gem - Attack

Stone - Defense

Jewel - HP increase

Apart from these basic gemstones, there are also the "Hope Gemstones" that provide significantly greater boosts for your Bowmen, Infantry, and your Cavalry. Justice Gemstones on the other hand are somewhat added to the list, a bit more recently and are essentially the same except that they give better boost effects than Hope gemstones.

Gemstone Level (Refining)

If you happen to have gemstones, before slotting them in your equipment, be mindful that you have the option to refine them first (as you can't refine a gemstone that is already slotted in unless you pay 20 Gold). Gemstones can be refined up until their reach level 6. Refining Gemstones can be done in the Forge. If for instance you get to collect a lot of gemstones and you happen to not use them because you have something that have better boost effects, you may want to recycle them and use as an "ingredient" to refine the better ones in your inventory. This process is pretty intuitive so there is not a chance that you can go wrong.

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