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Where Do I Get Gemstones?

Where Do I Get Gemstones?
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Where Do I Get Gemstones?
Although particularly useful in the game, the better boosting gemstones (Hope and Justice) are typically reserved for those that spend real money to get a hold of them. If you happen to still be interested in pursuing with an IAP (in-app purchase), once you actually do so, you'll have access to a Shooting Gallery event where you'd typically play a mini-shooter game where you pretty much earn your random Gemstone.

For the cheap players like us, if you happen to lean towards playing the game without spending a dime, non-spenders are entitled to earn basic gemstones for a bit of elbow grease, and still give you a pretty beneficial boost effect (but of course not even close to what a Hope Gemstone can provide you).

If you think you have the patience to collect Hope Gemstone fragments and fuse a hundred pieces of them to form a Hope Gemstone, you can actually acquire one for free. To get them, you might want to participate in the following in-game quests:

Creation Arena
Gold Event (Training Troops and Kill Enemy Stages)
Red Guard Raid (landing a spot in the rankings when they are the task in Individual Events)
The Spirit Mines (purchased with your credit rewards in the event)
Underworld Gate (using victory rewards)

Be mindful that the higher level equipment (necklaces and rings especially) is, the harder it is to get a good matching gemstone for them. Given that you given a random Hope Gemstone, matching it with the actual equipment of your preference is probably the most difficult part in this process.

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