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What is the Airship for?

What is the Airship for?
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The Airship is an integral part of your army, a war machine that provides you significant increase in efficiency, and at the same time, it can never be destroyed by your enemies. Besides using it in battles, its basic function in the game is to give you passive buffs that makes things efficient in the game -- like resource gathering speed increase, increasing your march capacity, and similar stuff.

What is the Airship for?
When you start the game, you will have to repair the Airship before you can utilize it. However, when you get to repair it (as the story picks up on you trying to escape the Cardinal and suffered from the attack), it'll let you pick abilities that themselves are divided into Assault Abilities and Guardian Abilities. You can upgrade an Assault Ability by investing Assault Components, or by using Guardian Components to upgrade the specific Ability.

Leveling Up Your Airship

To level up your airship, it does not need you to level up a particular building in your estate. Instead, the Airship earns experience when you attack and managed to kill beasts, when it is used in gathering resources, or when you use it when marching to attack other player bases. The Airship can also gain level as you simply play the game and earn progress with experience points.

Assault Power & Guardian Power

Killing beasts or enemy troops will usually reward you with Assault Components. On the other hand, gathering resources from resource tiles on the battlefield or defending against enemy troops will reward you with Guardian Components. Depending on you play style or preference, you can lean towards maxing out on particular field, or find the balance between the two types of power. Take note too that the higher the level of one component from the one side of the Ability spectrum (for instance you pick to level up more on Assault Components), the more it lowers the passive buff of the other end of the spectrum - and vice-versa.

What is the Airship for?
Assigning Airship Abilities

You can assign Airship Abilities when you go the airship dock beside your castle and pick the option "Assign Abilities". From there, you can assign abilities that give you passive buffs in: Attacking, Defending, Gathering, and or your general Efficiency with marching-related stuff.

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