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Growth Guide for Beginners

Growth Guide for Beginners
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Growth Guide for Beginners
This guide will help you keep a systematic routine as you advance through the post-tutorial levels game (Capital Level above 10). We’ve compiled daily routines that might help beginners learn some efficient, sustainable, and safe ways of gathering as much in-game resource. While you might have easily garnered a capital level 10 for playing a day or two, you’ll soon learn that the basic limiting factor that will ultimately prevent you from expanding rapidly in the game, more anything else, will be your resources.

Bottleneck to Progress are the Resources

Although you might have progressed easily through the tutorial levels of the game (more or less the first few days playing the game), you’ll soon and inevitably approach the point where progress becomes too taxing and a bit too slow compared to the first few levels of your capital. The bottleneck in this game is surprisingly the resources, and not the build timers - which seasoned players of RTS game might have grown accustomed with.

Growth Guide for Beginners
During the tutorial levels of the game, you’ll be guided towards learning the basic make-up of the game, by constantly engaging you to the different activities that you are supposed to perform regularly while trying to level up in the game. This includes the usual training of troops, learning the sequence of upgrades of the buildings by determining their pre-requisites, and constantly providing for the upkeep of your troops by having enough resources at bay.

Once you’ve concluded the tutorial phase of the game (probably around Castle level 10 up), it would exponentially become harder to push through with expansion as every level that you try to unlock becomes more and more expensive - resource-wise. Nonetheless, our tip here is to boost your resource generators and to keep maxing out their levels as soon as you’ve unlock the concluding castle level. It might sound like a simple solution, but the key factor that makes it difficult is the effort of having to actually procure the particular amount you need before enemies would go and try to plunder them.

Resources are Everywhere

Now that we’ve settled the fact that resources are the key to advance in the game, you should be mindful of all the activities where you can get them. Although you have resource collectors within your estate, it wouldn’t be enough to rely entirely upon their production. Instead, you might want to fully utilize your troops into gathering different resources when they aren’t needed in battle.

Performing Quests - although the quantity you get from performing quests is not as big as finding resources elsewhere, the spontaneous stream of the quests that you can do will nonetheless provide a steady stream of income. To boot, the resources you get from performing them are packaged into items -- which are better for long term storage as items can be plundered by other players.

Growth Guide for Beginners
Beasts and Red Guard Camps - killing non-player enemies in the field also reward you with resources that are also packaged in items, even if they are not requested in your quests. The same is true when joining rallies to pillage Red Guard Camps with your allies. Performing such activities tend to be another great way to get resource items in the game.

Growth Guide for Beginners
Resource Collectors - we might have stressed out about maxing out the resource collector level and putting a great number of collectors within the estate, but the tip here is make good use of every single thing that produces the Food Resource. While the game might have invoked you to increase the size of your army to relatively increase your battle power rating, putting up a humongous army would lead to a humongous upkeep needs to. Here, to sustain a large army, you might want to maximize your Food production at your estate first as the production there is uninterrupted even without you in the process. Concurrently, you can make good use of your talent “Instant Yield” to boost the process whenever you get the chance. As an additional tip, you might want to invest on other resource collectors too early in the game as the need for them will gradually increase overtime.

Events - performing in events usually rewards special items along with a number of free resources. You might want to consider consistently performing in events as they tend to reward you with significantly useful items that will generally make you better than everyone else. On the plus side, there’s always a number of resource that comes with it.

Growth Guide for Beginners

Gathering Speed Efficiency

Not only do you get to improve resource flow from putting up a number of collectors or performing tasks that relatively reward you with it, you may also significantly increase your efficiency of gathering them through different ways and you should take a good consideration learning them. The various ways to boost the resource gathering process includes economy-related research , particular economy-related lord talent points, various efficiency-related equipment that you can equip, progressive airship abilities (guardian class), and using your designated alliance resource depot.

Even if we won’t delve into the exact details of which you should invest in learning, you’ll notice the items in your respective research trees where they usually involve increasing your gathering or production rate. It is important that you should prioritize them early in the game, as increasing your gathering speed will ultimately increase your overall productivity.

Prioritize Increasing Troop Load, and Available Marching Slots

Whenever your troops are not needed for battle, you can actually utilize them to gather resources. Although you might have known this through the tutorial phase of the game, what it does not teach you in detail is that you can actually improve on your troop load, as well as the number of actively marching slots at a time.

When you start the game, by default, you’ll only have one March Slot to work with. As soon as you delve into researching in the game (upon unlocking the Academy), you’ll be able to increase your march slots by 2 from the combat learning tree (March Slots I at Academy Level 6 and March Slots II at Academy Level 12). Additional March slots can be unlocked too upon reaching VIP 8 (included in the perks), and reaching Academy level 20.

Keep Your Resources Safe

Being smart with how you earn resources is one thing, keeping them safe is another. In the game, as much you want to simply put together the numbers that would avail you progress, it is important to keep in mind that other players can easily plunder your base to get them. Whenever other people scout your estate, one of the defining reasons to push through with an attack is the number of resources that they will potentially gain.

As a countermeasure, you do not want to fight fire with fire. If you’re a beginner, you might not want to put up an army and have them do nothing in your base but stay there to fend of plausible attackers. For one thing, this is costly, and you are most likely to lose either way. Higher level players tend to have better tiered troops and even a bigger number of them which would easily wipe your courtyard clean of soldiers.

Growth Guide for Beginners
So instead, the simple solution is to spend the resources as soon as you get them. If any scout finds that there is no significant value to earn from plundering your base, their efforts would be wasted on pushing through with an attack (unless you managed to **** someone off or attacked one of their allies).

However, To put up a bigger amount without having to flaunt to other players that you actually have them, you might want to collect packaged resource items instead - as they cannot be plundered by other players.

For an alternative, you might also want to considering purchasing “Used Arms” in the market - usually, the best way to do this is to collect a lot of them first, and when the chance comes up to use them, use them all at once as they get to rack up the freebies from higher payouts.

Otherwise, you can join a formidable alliance that will ultimately deter other player to pick a fight with you. In most instances, allies would work hard to keep every member benefiting from the group - aside from the boosted resource depots an alliance would have, members would also play together to meet a common goal or quest.

Additional Tips:

- When trying to build up your base, you might want to settle for soldiers that have relatively low upkeep. Regardless of their power, gathering is primarily relying on the headcount of the soldiers that have been sent to farm the resources. Even if they do not contribute that much to increasing your overall battle rating or power, you’ll at least have the potential to maximize gathering with a very low upkeep. To grow faster, you must always keep in mind that resources are the key to growth - therefore keeping costs at the minimum will effectively let you save up more of it.

- Another to consider is the location of your alliances hive. In the game map, you can actually see the exact location of your alliance’s hive as well as indicators about the richness of the resources around you. Typically, the closer you are at the center of the map, the better amount and level of resource tiles are available. If you are not particularly active in playing the game, these areas are the better choice for it takes longer to exhaust the resources from resource tiles. It is important to synchronize your available marching troops’ assignments so that you get to manage them all at once - every time you check on them.

Growth Guide for Beginners
- Events for individual players usually have a weekly pattern. You should check and take note of the usual scheduled tasks for each day of the week and pre-emptively gather the stuff that will help you easily beat the requirements. When you get accustomed to doing this, the next step is to aim for the top ranks among other participating players in the battlefield. Landing a spot among the top 20 could benefit you a lot as there are bonus rewards for topping the daily lists, as well as placing on the whole week’s overall performance ranking system.

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