Do You Need to Build Hospitals?
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Do You Need to Build Hospitals?

A straightforward answer to this question is yes. Hospital are an integral part of your estate as they accommodate wounded troops that either defended your Castle, or attacked another party. However, if you are just starting the game, you might want to lean towards building Resource Collectors instead and that is fine. Hospitals will become very important once you get to manage gathering millions of Resources at a time -- which will inevitably make you a good target to be plundered.

The core function of a Hospital is to heal your wounded troops. The treating process takes time like training, and can be sped up as well just as you would on training. Upgrading them makes them able to accept a greater number of Wounded Troops, and making sure you have enough room for every soldier will ultimately minimize your casualties at war. To do this, you might want to build more Hospitals and upgrade them when you can. There are a couple of points in the Research as well that boosts the Hospitals capacity, as well as making them more efficient with respect to healing costs (heal speed).

Be sure to heal your wounded troops because when your Hospital Capacity has reached its limit, any further troops wounded in battle will be lost. The following are the usual instances where you wounded soldiers.

1. When you are defending, all wounded troops will be sent to the Hospitals until the Hospital Capacity is exhausted. After which, the exceeding number of engaged soldiers will be lost and commensurately decrease your power rating.

2. When attacking Beasts in the Battlefield, a small percentage of troopS will be wounded and automatically sent to the Hospital/s.

3. When you Attack an opponent on a resource tile, wounded troops will be sent to the Hospital until the Capacity is reached. After which, the exceeding number of engaged soldiers will be lost and commensurately decrease your power rating.

However, take note that if you are the one attacking another player base, all wounded troops will automatically be healed, unless you have special buffs that degrade this to make them wounded instead -- which will then put them in your hospital.

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