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Kingdom / Battlefield
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Kingdom / Battlefield
To get to interact with other players and play the actual RTS part of the game, you'll have to go to the Kingdom view -- which happens to be the battlefield view of the game, that always shows your estate on the center of the screen by default, with respect to your actual coordinates within the battlefield. Among the first things that you should familiarize yourself with are the following and as indicated on the image above:

1. Beasts - are spawned enemy units that your troops can attack. During the initial part of the game, you are usually tasked to bring down a couple of beasts in a day. Soon, you'll be able to track down specific requirements like their levels, specific loots you get from each of them, and the like. To attack, simply click on the beast of choice, and from there, adjust your battle parameters.

2. Resource Tiles - aside from the resource collectors you have inside your estate, there are several resource tiles within the battlefield itself. This is a good way to make good use of your troops on stand-by. To have your troops gather the pertaining resources, simply click on the resource tile, and perform a march towards it. You may adjust parameters in order to maximize the number you get to take home for each mission.

3. Player Estate - Apart from your estate, you'll probably come across similar looking buildings within the map. These are the estates of other players playing in the same battlefield as you are. When you see a name as such (as indicated on the image above), it means that the particular player hasn't renamed his Lord yet, and is using the system generated player name. you can choose to engage with other players by simply clicking on their estate and from there pick options like mailing them (sending a message), inviting them to an alliance, or even attack them.

4. Chatbox - you may choose to chitchat with other players using the kingdom chatbox. Although take note that people belonging to an alliance would most likely be set to only see chat from people within their alliance. To make sure you get to send a message to a specific person of interest, you might want to click on his estate instead and send a mail.

5. Castle UI Toggle Button - similar to the Kingdom View Toggle button, you can go back to your estate by simply clicking this button.

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