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Why did my attack fail on Beast or Red Guard?

Why did my attack fail on Beast or Red Guard?
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You might have checked out some of the quest in the game and tried it out for the first time. However, even when you get to send out troops to fight a particular beast, it just seems that no point is achieved from doing it. Why is this happening? The main probable reason is that you haven’t sent the appropriate amount of soldiers to actually defeat that beast.

Why did my attack fail on Beast or Red Guard?
In simple terms, when this happens, it mean you failed to defeat the beast. Make sure you have enough soldier power to do the job, and when you are confident that you have the numbers, you can simply pick the option “Equalize” in the attack menu to send a commensurate number of soldiers that would easily destroy the target.

Since you we're in this topic, we should also mention that you should be aware that you are using stamina whenever you attack a beast or a red guard. This is also probably the reason for you not being able to attack. There are a couple of items that can be purchased to replenish you stamina instantly, else you'll have to sit it out until it gets replenished on its own. Typically, you'll be able to replenish your stamina twice each day.

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