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Which Resource Collector should I Build First?

Which Resource Collector should I Build First?
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Out of all the resources in the game, the one that you might probably always lack will be Food. So the answer to this question is to build as much Farm as you are allowed to, and then always see to it that their levels are always maxed out.

Which Resource Collector should I Build First?
The main reason for always lacking food is the game’s primary objective, which is to have each players muster power as much as they can -- as the easiest and sort of most influential way of increase your total power is by increasing the number of troops you have - which in return consume more food, the more they grow.

If you are not familiar with this, troops do consume Food at regular intervals as form of an “upkeep” fee. When your soldier upkeep costs get past the Food production rate, you’ll be obliged to scour for food elsewhere in the map. Also take note that higher tiered troops usually costs you more Food compared to those entry level ones.

So if your goal is to have them simply collect resources out in the battlefield (using them as marching troops to gather in resource tiles), you might want to stick to low-cost soldiers as they are basically easier to maintain, with just the same gathering speed as the higher tiered ones.

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