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What are Royal Expeditions?

What are Royal Expeditions?
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What are Royal Expeditions?
Right beside the Lookout tower, you’ll notice a ship lounging the premises. This ship is actually where you access the Royal Expeditions. If you are not familiar with this particular part of the game, we’ll run down some basics for you - as each of the day in a week, there are different expeditions from which you can take part in and earn some generous chunks of reward.

Participating in a Royal Expedition:

An expedition is a mini-game within the Guns of Glory, where you are tasked to push forward through an “expedition” with all its accompanying obstacles along the way. While you re coursing through the paths ahead of your, you are constantly engaged by enemies. If successful, you’ll be able to unlock pertaining chests for defeating that section, and avail you access to the concluding path ahead of it.

The battles in this particular event consists troops dependent on the level of your Castle and not equivalent to your actual troops. Take note that the battles within the expeditions do not reset, which is why you are limited to opening chests only once. If by any chance you can’t get past an enemy point, there would really be no other way to get over it other than progressing through the game, increasing your castle level, and generally obtaining boost items or researching some technology or skill that relatively benefit you with expeditions.

What are Royal Expeditions?
Different Expeditions

Monday (Equipment Expedition) - you mainly get boosts depending on the equipment that are currently equipped on your lord while performing the expedition.

Tuesday (Airship Expedition) - you mainly get boosts depending on the currently assigned Attacks or Abilities on your airship.

Wednesday (Combo Expedition) - you mainly get boosts depending on the currently equipped equipment and gemstones

Thursday (Research Expedition) - you mainly get boosts depending on the completed Research in the Academy.

Friday (Gemstone Expedition) - you mainly get boosts depending on the slotted gemstones on your currently equipped equipment.

Saturday (Building Expedition) - you mainly get boosts depending on the completed buildings and their concluding glory levels.

Sunday (Combo Expedition) - similar to Wednesday expedition.

Concluding Rewards

Every first time you win a battle in an expedition, you basically earn a chest filled with a collection of items and packaged resources, along with some Royal Tokens. These tokens are special credit points that you can use to avail you various reward options when you go to the Ship, and clicking “Redeem” option.

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