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What are Glory Levels?

What are Glory Levels?
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Glory levels

16 Buildings in your estate can have their Glory level increased in order to gain buffs for your army upon reaching past level 15 and are as listed below:

1. Castle
2. Walls
3. Barracks
4. Stables
5. Shooting Range
6. Artillery Foundry
7. Trap Factory
8. Academy
9. Embassy
10. Forge
11. Warehouse
12. Munitions Exchange
13. Airship Dock
14. Hall of War
15. Trade Station
16. Lookout Tower

Each of these building will unlock the Glory function as you unlock it when upgraded to level 15. Glory level goes from 1 to 30 and is capped by the level of the building. For example: Embassy level 22 can have a maximum Glory level of 22. To upgrade the Glory level of a building, click on the building, then “Glory Level”, and picking the “Upgrade” button to push through with the upgrade.

Alternatively, when inside this sub-menu, you may also check the following:

1. Your actual Building Glory level
2. The benefits of the current Glory level (of the building) as well as of the concluding level.
3. Number of Glory banners needed to upgrade the building.

(1) building can boost up to a maximum of 3 stats and their buffs are permanent. Additionally, the required quantity of banners for the next upgrade increases with each Glory Level of the building.

Glory banners

Glory Banners can be used to upgrade the glory level of some of your buildings. They are usually earned through the following:

1. Bonus Loots when gathering resources on the Kingdom Map / Battlefield
2. Reward items when defeating the Underworld Gate
3. Reward items when defending against Red Guard Raids
4. Additional items from specific packages

To use the Banners, simply tap on the Glory level icon on the desired building you wish to upgrade, and simply tap on the “Upgrade” button. Also take note that the quantity (of banner) needed depends on your current building’s “Glory Level”.

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