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Room 102 / Storage

Room 102 / Storage
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Once you find the key card in the garage you can enter room 102 in get-aCC_e55. This is a storage room and is full of boxes.
Room 102 / Storage

We need to remove the boxes but following a clue on the wall that ways 1->2->3... we know that to remove them we have to tap them in number order. Each box has a number on it somewhere although you may need to rotate the view to see them.

Start with box 1 and tap each to remove them. if you tap the wrong box the last one will come back.

Box 13. After 12, 13 is hard to see but it is on the floor to one side opposite the 1->2->3 wall.

Room 102 / Storage
There are 85 boxes to remove. Once done you will be able to collect the Housing of the T9 engine and also a purple steam valve from the floor.

On one wall notice a circular symbol with colours coming from a crack in the center. The number 588 is also written. This is a clue for room 588
Room 102 / Storage

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