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We have reached the Courtyard in get-aCC_e55 having found our way out of the workshop. In the courtyard we find dumpsters, boxes and some clues.


Tap on the pile of boxes to slowly remove them . When they are gone we can tap on the blue bin to move it to the left. Tap a few time to make t move all the way. Then tap on the ground where it was to find a Key Card from the Hard Code Bar to collect.

You can now use this key card on the blue door to the right of the bins. Once opened you can go through to the Porch.

Remaining in the courtyard, rotate the view to see the door back into the workshop. Notice a clue on the left of the door. * 6 * *Show

Rotate the view again to see the wall on the left with a door and an electrical cabinet on the wall below an air conditioning unit.

Tap the cabinet to view it and then again to open the door and reveal a puzzle.

The puzzle has pieces that can be tapped to rotate them. To solve the puzzle rotate the pieces to join the 4 coloured lines from top to bottom.

Solution: CourtyardShow

Once done the switch to the right of the door is active. You can tap on the this to activate a projection of 5 bars. This is a code puzzle.

Tap each bar to change its size. you need to set them all correctly to open the door.
Hint: The clue to this is found in the workshop on the drawing board.Show
Solution: There is a graph on the drawing board showing 5 bars. The size order is Big, medium, big, small medium.Show

Once the order is set correctly the door will open and you can go through to the Basement.

Green valve
Above the bins on a pipe find a green steam valve handle on it tap to view it and then tap again to collect it. You may need to visit the basement before you can collect this.

Once you have the bolt cutter from the workshop tap on the green dumpster / bin to view it and then use the bolt cutter on the padlock. Open the bin to find the second stage filter. Tap to collect this. You may need to have visited the garage first before you can collect it.

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