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The Hard Code Bar

The Hard Code Bar
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The Hard code bar in get-aCC_e55 contains a bartender some terminals and a lot of drinks and classes. There are also some warp barrels.
The Hard Code Bar

Tapping the bartender will get you a message asking for help collecting dirty glasses. You can tap all of the glasses you see on the counters to collect them. There are 6 glasses to collect, when yo have them use then and tap on the bartender to return them. Once you have returned them all tap the bartender again and he will give you a Key card to his room 103.
The Hard Code Bar

He asks that you bring him the following: mixture tester, cocktail shaker bowls and a cocktail book.

Tap the shelves behind the bar tender to view them. notice that the gaps between the bottles have some squares.
The Hard Code Bar
Tap the bottles next to the squares to move them until all of them are covered. Once done a panel will open on the right and you can collect a Green ZXB2+4 expansion card. This is used later in room 637.

Rotate the view to look behind the bar and then tap on the safe that is in the lower right. This has a 4 part code entry. Check around the bar for these symbols.
The Hard Code Bar

Hints: on the floor need the bar stools is an I shape with 3 dots underneath. On one of the warp barrels is another shape with 2 dots. Rotating the view to see the front of the bar and the door you came in you can see a third shape on the side of the shelves with 1 dot.Show
Solution: Use the 3 symbols in the order and change the 4 dials on the safe so that the 3 symbils appear accross the joins between the dials. Ie the shapes in dial 1 and 2 will make the same shape as the one with 1 dot above in the orange sections of both dials 1 and 2.Show
Code: The Hard Code BarShow

Once the safe is open collect the Key with key chain and the Electronic V-chip.
The key is used in the workshop and the v-Chip is used in the Porch.

When you return to the Porch you can now make your way to room 103.

You can also use the garage key card to open the door opposite the bartender (the one without the exit sign) to enter the garage.

Engine controller
If you have been to Room 103 you should have the items for the bartender. Give the bartender the mixer tester, cocktail shaker bowls and the cocktail book. He will then give you the T9 engine controller that has been delivered by a courier.

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