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Room 588

Room 588
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Room 588 in get-aCC_e55 is accessed via the list in the Porch. You will need to have the lift tool toll for this. Check the Porch page for details.

To get to room 588 you need the correct code for the keypad. This is found in Room 102 after you have completed the boxes. Return to the room to see a code on the floor. 4635
Room 588
Use this code on the lift and press the enter key.

Room 588 is empty apart from a red button in the center of the floor.
Room 588
Tapping this will reveal 2 switches. tapping either switch will result in more switches appearing in the room which in turn can lead to more. You need to follow the correct sequences to complete this puzzle.there may be more than one way to get to the end.
Room 588

- Press the red button. 2 switches appear in the floor.
- Press the switch on the right. 3 buttons will appear on the back wall.
Room 588

- For the sequence to press these in you can return to room 102 and look at the symbol on the wall with 588 written below it. from the arrow follow the sequence of I, II and III. Sequence: II, I, III, I III, IIShow. 6 new switches now appear, 3 on the left and 3 on the right.

- Tap the 1st switch on the right wall (right of the 3 previous switches). Room 588Show A panel will open in the back wall with 4 coloured buttons.

- The button sequence can also be found in room 102. Press Yellow, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, RedShow. Six yellow buttons appear from the floor.

- Pay attention to the order that the buttons appear in. Tap the buttons in the same order.
Room 588Show
Above the doorway there are now 9 blue buttons.

- There is trial and error here to get them all switched on. Solution. From left to right turn on the buttons in the following order: 5, 6, 7, 4, 3, 8, 9, 2, 1Show

The center of the floor will now open and reveal the Intake valve of T9 engine. Collect this.

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