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Room 103

Room 103
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Having helped the bartender in the Hard Code Bar we have the key card to room 103 and now need to find some items for him.
Room 103

First tap on the desk to view it. Tap and collect the grey mixture composition tester on the desk.
Room 103

On the small table tap to collect 3 Cocktail Shaker Bowls.

Tap the small footstool behind the table to move it away towards the wall. Next tap the small table to move it also away fro the sofa. You can now tap the triangular green box to move that and finally you can tap the sofa to move it forwards away from the wall and find a book underneath. Collect the Bartender's cocktail book.

Rotate the view to see a picture on the wall of a sunset. Tap this to view it and then slide to spin it around and see a clue on the back. 7 - - -Show

You can now go back to the Bar to give the items to the bartender.

Once you have been to the garage return to this room with the green book. Rotate the view to see the bookshelf and tap to view it. Use the green book on the empty space to place it.
Room 103

Notice that behind the books is a shadow showing the height of books when they are in the right places. You can tap any two books to swap their positions. Tap and swap them until they all match up with the correct heights from the shadows. A few are very similar so you may need to try a few combinations.
Solution: Room 103Show

Once done a panel will open below the shelf and you can collect an Encrypted flash drive

Use the flash drive on the computer on the desk to unlock is and reveal some codes on the screens.
Codes: A3 B2 C3 C4 D2
Room 103

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