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The basement in get-aCC_e55 contains a lot of steam pipes with some leaking steam and blocking your progress. Many of the pipes have colour coded valves connectors but the valve handles are missing.


Rotate the view to see the back of the pipes and a view of the door you came in from.
collect from the lower corner a turquoise steam valve and then tap the turquoise connector to the right to view it. use the valve on the connector point to place the turquoise valve.

We now need to find the rest of the valves.

If you have found not found them yet you can return to the courtyard and move on to the porch and other areas to find them.

Ultra Violet
Once you have found the ultra violet bulb in the porch return to the basement. Rotate the view to see the door way that you came in. Above it is a light. Tap this to view it and then again to remove the cover.
Once open use the ultra-violet bulb on it to replace the standard bulb. In the room you will now see a glowing clue. 2904Show

While you are here place any of the valves that you have found to clear your inventory.

Car Wheel
Next to the door that you first came in collect a car wheel. You may need to have visited the garage already to be able to collect it.

Steam Valves
Once you have collected all of the valves (There are 6) you can return to the basement and place them all. You will possibly have placed some previously to clear your inventory. The last one I found was purple in room 102.

Once they are all in place you need to turn then in the right order to shut off the steam. To get the order you need to have replaced the bulb with the ultra violet one which will reveal a symbol on the wall.

Image: BasementShow
Hint: This symbol has shapes in it. If you check each of the valves, each one has shape in the center. look at the shapes in the image on the wall from the largest (triangle) to the smallestShow

Solution: Tap to turn valves in order: Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Turquoise.Show

The steam is off but we now need a code to open the door. The keypad next to the door has 4 rows of 5 buttons. To get the code we need clues from room 103 and from the workshop.

Hint: The computer in room 102 shows us 5 letter/number pairs. Check the drawing board in the workshop for a diagram of the buttons with letters and number (although out of order)
Solution: BasementShow

Once the door is open we can enter the C3-T Laboratory.

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