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C3-T Laboratory

C3-T Laboratory
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Once we turn off the steam in the basement and open the door we can access the C3-T laboratory in get-aCC_e55. When we enter the room is in darkness.
C3-T Laboratory

To the left of the chair in front of one of the lage windows is a small panel on the ground. Tap this to view it and again top open it. Inside are 3 dials with settings I, II or III. Set these correctly to power up the lab.
C3-T Laboratory

Hint: There is a clue to the setting on the drawing board in the workshop.Show
Solution: Set dials left to right as - II, I, IIIShow

With the power on you can now rotate the view to see a glass fronted cabinet to the right of the main door. Tap this to open it and then collect the HM2N2K chemical reagent container from the lower shelf.
C3-T Laboratory

Once you have this you will need to return to the workshop.

Capsule with fuel reagent
Once you have this from the workshop you will return to the lab. Tap on the blue box to the left of the door as shown below to view it. Then use the capsule in the center hole to place it there.
C3-T Laboratory

Once it is in place we need to activate the keypad on the right, to do this you need to back up and tap just on the keypad You now need to press the right sequence of buttons to activate it.
C3-T Laboratory

Hint: find the correct sequence in the workshop drawing board. The 6 lop left squares on the lower right area that are highlighted.Show
Solution: As in the image. Then press the bar at the bottom
C3-T Laboratory

Back up and now tap on the screen to the left of the portal to start the machine. The portal will activate and an item will come through and be left on the ground. Tap it to collect the Fuel conventer of the T9 engine. Return to the workshop with this.
C3-T Laboratory

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