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Porch / Hallway

Porch / Hallway
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The porch area in get-aCC_e55 contains a vending machine, an arcade game, a lift access and door to rooms 102, 103 and the Hard Code bar.

Porch / Hallway

The arcade machine cannot be used without a game cartridge. Polybius.
Tap the top of the machine to view it and collect a Garage Key card.

Rotate the view to see the doors of 102 and 103, notice on the wall a clue. >3
Porch / Hallway

Rotate the view to see the vending machine. Tap on this and then on the cabinet to the right to open it. collect and ultraviolet lamp from the top shelf. And also a Blue steam valve from the bottom shelf.
Porch / Hallway

Rotate the view to the 'Bar' door and go through to reach The Hard Code Bar.

The lift doors are closed and you will need a lift tool to open them. This can be found in the workshop either through watching adverts or buying the full game.

Porch / Hallway

If you have the lift tool then you can tap on the panel to the left of the lift and use the tool to access it. Inside are 3 dials to adjust and restore the power.
Porch / Hallway

Notice also the clue on the wall. 99Show

Adjust the 3 dials until the needle appear in the green range. (red is too high) . Solution: set all 3 dials to the third setting
Porch / Hallway

Once the power is activated the lift can be used to go to other rooms, but we need a code for each room.

Vending Machine
If you have accessed the safe in the bar you can now use the Vending machine. Tap the machine and then use the V-chip coin on it. The machine will dispense an Empty capsule to collect.
Porch / Hallway

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