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In the garage in get-aCC_e55 we find the car that we are collecting the parts for. It is reminiscent of another vehicle based time machine. The garage is reached from the bar.

On one of the lower shelves on the right find and collect a green programming book.

Rotate the view to see the laptop on top of a set of drawers. Open the second drawer down and collect an orange key card to Room 102. The bottom drawer is locked and needs a key.

On the wall next to the drawers is a planer with 4 blocks on it. This is a puzzle. In the lower left is a movable object. Tap and slide this to move it across the board until it hits a stop. You need to maneuver it to the bottom right to complete the puzzle. The block will change at some point to different colours and change positions, you can continue if possible.

Solution: right, up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right, down, right, left, up, right, up, right, down left, down, right, down, right.Show

Once complete tap the item at the exit to collect a Key.

Use the key on the bottom drawer of the cabinet to collect a Pink steam valve.

You can return to the basement to place the valve or head back to Room 103 to use the book you found. Or go to Room 102.

Car parts
Once you have found the car parts you can add them to the car.
- Car Wheel on the front right.
- Open the bonnet / hood of the car to install the second stage filter.
- Fully assembled String magnetic T9 engine goes in the back

When all the items are added you can complete the game by opening the drivers door and tapping the dashboard to start the car.

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