Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

Third Floor Hyrdrotherapy Room

Third Floor Hyrdrotherapy Room
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide

On the door to the left, there will be a room where a few clothes bin—with soiled towels—are.

Inside one of the bins, you will find a few more journal entries of Audrey Millers. In this message, Audrey reveals her hesitation to steal Dr. Walton’s elevator key in order to find the six missing patients. This file also is a telling of how Audrey managed to get a hold of the key by flirting with Dr. Walton. The opposite room also has bins for soiled towels.

After this, you may proceed to explore the rest of the room. The Hydrotherapy room, as its name implies, is a room filled with bath tubs. The pipes may have broken and that’s why the room is flooded with water. Some mannequins may be standing or lying down in some of the tubs.
Inside one of the tubs, you may pick up an Adrenaline Shot.

At the end of the room turn right and go into a cell where you may pick up a few Revolver Ammo on top of a bench. As soon as you pick up the ammo, a shadow will appear and attack you.
After killing the shadow, you may now exit the room.

After exiting the hydrotherapy room, you may save your progress once again or perhaps recharge your flashlight.

Now you must go to the East Wing Lounge. But on the way there, be careful as mannequins, shadows, and dolls may attack you along the way.

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