Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

West Wing Corridors

West Wing Corridors
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide

The west wing corridor begins with an abandoned, dark hallway with tons of used items lying around. The first door on the left will be locked so continue to walk forward.

You will find a sign on the wall on the left saying that you are at the West Wing but at this point you are not aware of what building yet. Across this sign, you will find an elevator named the West Wing Elevator.

Inside the elevator you will not find much useful items. You will, however, find items like old medical supplies, an old package from Europe, and a pile of junk near the elevator door. At the control panel of the elevator, you will learn that you must find the key to the 5th Floor Laboratory.

Exit the elevator and return to the West Wing Corridors.

After the elevator, turn right and then go straight ahead until you find an area where a few corners intersect. A good landmark would be that this area will have a cord in the middle hanging from the ceiling. There will also be a mannequin standing right next to this cord.
If you are standing right next to the mannequin and facing the cord, walk to the door on your left and open it—doing this shall lead you to the West Wing Women’s Toilet.

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