Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities


Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide

Turn right upon entering. You will notice that there will be racks and sinks inside the room.

In one of the rooms, you will find Dorothy Simmons’ body together with her spirit. The spirit thanks you for bringing her “stuff” back to her.

After this, the spirit moves into the corpse and then attacks you.

Being a possessed body, Dorothy may transport anytime she chooses to. As Dorothy moves a lot, be sure to keep your stamina and energy on full at all times.

If Dorothy latches on to you, shake the device thoroughly to get her grasp off. As Dorothy is a quick mover, try doing a few quick turns in order to spot Dorothy if she’s behind you.

As soon as you kill the possessed corpse of Dorothy, you may hear Dorothy reflecting on the true meaning of being “free”. She says that fear and anger keeps her soul trapped in the area.

After this, the spirit thanks you and hugs you, while talking about her frustration about being stuck in such a place for so long.
Dorothy then says goodbye and asks for forgiveness and then disappears.

Now, walk past the rack of bodies and exit the room towards the white light in the end.

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