Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

Back to Nowhere

Back to Nowhere
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide


As soon as you exit the room, you will suddenly find yourself back to “Nowhere”, one of the first places in the game which was surrounded by thick, red curtains. As you walk on ahead, you will find a side table with a music box resting on top of the handle. You may notice that the music box is lacking a handle. For now, you must look for the music box handle.

Within the same room, you will find a mannequin standing in front while carrying a board stating a few “rules” of the game. It goes like:

“When I sing hide yourself.

Be quiet. Be sneaky.

If you lose. I’ll catch you.”

Enter the large door where you will find another room surrounded by red curtains. You will then find another electric chair in the middle with a few items floating around.

Proceed to the hallway at the end of the room. Then turn right. A shadow may attack you at this point so be on your guard. Aside from the pesky, little shadow, get ready to also engage in battle with another mannequin.

Walk towards the end where you will see a board. At the side, pick up the Crank Handle.

Now that you have the handle, go back to where the music box is and attach the handle to it.

Once you are successful, you will hear music play. After the music, the scene may fade and then you may find yourself back in the Intervention Room.

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