Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities


Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide

Turn left and then you will find a book case. Behind this book case, you will hear a voice asking about your true identity. The voice seems to be Dorothy’s, who says that she is stuck in that place and that the Elevator key is the root of all the problems. The voice asks that you bring the key to her and that she badly needs your help.

In one of the rooms behind where you showed up, you will find a Floppy Disk tucked inside a mannequin’s head. As soon as you pick that up , some more cursed dolls and shadows may once again attack you.

This time, however, the shadow will seem pretty hard to beat so just keep on shooting or swinging your Rusty Pipe on it.

After this, go forward and enter the metal door which will lead you back to Nowhere. Inside the room, which has a mannequin dressed up as a doctor standing right beside another mannequin resting on an operating table. You may hear the sound of clapping and people murmuring. Inside there will also be another rack where you can find another set of First Aid Kit along with a few sawed off shotgun shells.

Now, exit the room.

Turn right and then left until you will find a corner with office chairs around along with a small table with history books on it. There also rests an old computer box that is no longer working.

On top of a desk you will also find another journal entry talking about being nowhere and about a soul that is wandering the red maze, which later on reveals one’s memories out in the open.

Back up and turn to a corner where you will find a few plants. Enter the door which will house an auditorium where a couple of mannequins are sitting down—as if having a meeting. Then you will also hear Dorothy’s voice saying that the committee was talking and/or meeting Walton. Later on, you will learn that Walton was found guilty of the loss of the six patients.

Then you will find a desk which will give you Revolver Ammo. Right beside it you will also find a book about poltergeist.

At the end of the room, you may find a lever. Pull the lever and then you will see that a boulder will be pulled up by a chain.

Now, exit the room and then turn right. Go back to the end of the hall. Watch out as another shadow or mannequin may attack you once again.

Proceed to the blue door with a hospital bed beside it.

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