Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

Office Wing Corridor

Office Wing Corridor
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide

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Right after the credits begin, you will find Rose waking up, while on a couch. The room will also be surrounded by corpses and you will find a flashlight charger as you exit the room.

Office Wing Corridor

Once you are done charging your flashlight, you will find a rusty pipe stacked against a mannequin on a couch. The rusty pipe may be used to attack enemies that will show up along the way. To equip the rusty pipe, the players will have to go to the quick inventory window and tap on the rusty pipe. With the rusty pipe equipped, you may swing the rusty pipe around by tapping the target icon on the screen on the right and then tapping on Rose to swing. Swings or the Rusty Pipe’s damage gets stronger after every consecutive strike so it is best to keep swinging in combos.

After getting the rusty pipe, enter the small room area to your right. There will be a coffee table in the middle and some bookshelves on the left. Under the coffee table, you may pick up a small first aid kit.

Office Wing Corridor

There will also be two doors on the right. One will be leading to Dr. Walton’s Office, which will be locked at this time, and the other one will be a white door that will lead to the Pharmacy Room.

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