Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

West Wing Men's Toilet

West Wing Men's Toilet
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide

Inside the West Wing Men’s Toilet, you will see some parts of the ceiling falling onto the floor—leaving a whole in the ceiling and broken pieces of the building scattered on the floor. You will also see two mannequins standing inside—one will be by the sink and the other will be standing right beside a wall.

At the end of the room, there will be a row of cubicles lined beside each other.
Inside one of the cubicles, you will find an Adrenaline Shot. Then inside the right most cubicle, you will find a lab coat hanging inside. Get close to the lab coat and pick up the Office Key.

As soon as you pick up the Office Key, a cut-scene will begin showing the mannequin standing by the wall coming to life and walking towards you. This will be your first battle so make sure to equip your rusty pipe.

Using the rusty pipe will be very helpful throughout the game so make it a point to master swinging the rusty pipe. The second swing is stronger than the last so keep in mind not to break the combo when using the rusty pipe and also be mindful to time your attacks properly when the mannequin goes near you.

Once you have defeated your first opponent, you may now exit the room.

Now that you have bravely fought your first enemy, and now that you have exited the room, be prepared to face more possessed mannequins as you go around. Mannequins attacking you will be at random so they can attack anytime—or not at all. Just to be safe, practice putting on your handy rusty pipe as quick as possible.

After the West Wing Men’s Toilet, proceed to the locked office within the Office Wing Corridor to unlock it with the Office Key.

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