Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

West Wing Stockroom

West Wing Stockroom
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide

As soon as you arrived at the location, input the code 6-8-4-1. Afterward, the gate will unlock itself and swing open. Despite that, however, the little girl will run away and disappear.

Go past the gate and there you will find a few racks with medicines and other items. Then on the left side you will see a few bio-hazard waste. While exploring the little area, you may hear some footsteps of someone running around.

Walking further into the room will reveal another player talking about some shadow inside people, which can be tapped through Somatic sleep. This method can also reveal a person’s obsessions or fantasies.

On the side you may find a few drawings on the wall. You may also find a wheelchair. Under this wheelchair you will find a sawed-off shotgun along with six Sawed-off Shotgun shells. Right after picking up the shotgun shells, there may be a shadow emerging from the racks, that will attack you.

After the battle you may now exit the room.

At this point, you may choose to save your progress in the Office Wing Corridor and recharge your flashlight battery.

After the stockroom, go back to Dr. Walton’s office.

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