Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

Third Floor Psycho-Sensory Room

Third Floor Psycho-Sensory Room
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide

Upon entering, you will notice that the first door on the left is locked. Go straight ahead and turn right at the cell door. After this, walk straight on and enter the door on the left—this will lead you to the Third Floor Psycho Sensory Room.

Inside the Psycho-Sensory room, you will find a flashlight charger—take note of this location as it will help you keep your flashlight charged at all times. In here you will find a mannequin holding a jewelry box. This jewelry box, however, can’t be opened since the mannequin seems to be holding it too tight. With that, you will have to find a way to latch the jewelry box open.

Explore the room further and as you move on, you will find three levers on both ends of the room. Move the levers alternately until all three mannequins have dropped.

Once you are successful, you will hear some voices chuckling. After this, the mannequin holding the jewelry box shall loosen its grip thus allowing the jewelry box to open and reveal a scalpel.
After you pick up the scalpel, some of the mannequins may attack you so be sure to be on your guard. You may battle them with your rusty pipe or your revolver.

You may now exit the room.

Once you’ve exited the room and find yourself within the Third Floor Treatment Unit again, walk towards the couch on your left and play the recording.

After this, you may exit the metal gate and then pick up the ringing phone on your left. Here, you will listen to the voice of your partner scolding you for going to the asylum alone.

When you’re done listening to the message, exit the gate and then turn right towards another hallway where you will find a metal gate with two doors on the right. Enter the metal gate on the right and then you will find a door with a red light on top. Entering this door will lead you to another flight of stairs.

Instead of taking the stairs, go back inside and enter the other metal gate. Afterward, enter the elevator. This will bring you to the Third Floor Hydrotherapy Room.

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